Slide editor - Undo-redo

The undo-redo buttons can be found at the top of the secondary sidebar, next to the Cancel and Save buttons.

How does it work?

Every action you make is a new step, for example, if you add a heading layer and then you change its text, that is two steps. Every time you push the redo / undo buttons, one step will be redone/undone. You can redo / undo layer actions: create / delete, move and edit. 

The actions you can undo/redo are working like a chain:

From the "changing the button's text" you can go back and forth to the "Heading layer creation", but if you would add a new layer after moving the button layer, you couldn't go back to the state where you changed the button's text.

And from this point, you could go back and forth with the redo / undo buttons on this chain:

Example - simple chain


new heading layer → title change → heading layer move → new Button layer → button layer move → button layer text change

Example 2


new heading layer → heading layer title change → new button layer → button layer move → button layer text change → button layer move → REDO → new Heading layer

If you saved your fonts or styles as  linked, you won't be able to revert those changes.


Action Key on Windows Key on MAC
Undo CTRL + Z CMD + Z