Slider controls - Autoplay

This option only appears, if you have Autoplay enabled!
This is where you can find the controls.

With an autoplay button you can start or stop your slider's automatic sliding. (This control will only appear, if the Autoplay is enabled.)

Display Expert

You can make your buttons invisible on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile view. Also you can hide them on specific slides separated by commas. Where those device display modes will be happening are based on the Global setting's Responsive mode option.

At the Hide on slides use the slide index (1 = first slide) instead of the slide ID.
Shows on

This option will make your buttons only appear on desktop screen, when you hover your cursor over the slider. On tablet and mobile screen they will always be seen.

Responsive Expert

Your full screen button will be scaled to these numbers for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile view. 1 is the original size ratio.

Play image Expert

You can pick your own image for the Play button.


Choose one of the Play autoplay buttons. You can also choose it's color.


You can customize your button here.

Style manager →


Pick a position, where you would like to have your autoplay button in your slider.

  • Stack - The order of the controls, which you put into the same position.
  • Offset - This is how far your autoplay button will be from the selected position. If you change to Advanced mode, you can specify the position, and here you will be able to use our control variables too.
Mirror Expert

If it's turned on, the Pause button will be the same as the Play button, if not, you can pick another.

Pause image Expert

You can pick your own image for the Pause button.

Pause Expert

Choose one of the Pause autoplay buttons. You can also choose it's color.