Can't install Smart Slider (Joomla)

You can find the installation methods in here.

The Upload package file method often fails because of a 2Mb upload file server limitation, so if that doesn't work, you should try out the Install from Directory, because that should work every time. If that doesn't work either, it means, that the path you are using (at step 4) is incorrect. In this case you should open up a notepad, write this code in it:

$dir = dirname(__FILE__);
echo "<p>Full path to this dir: " . $dir . "</p>";

Save it down, and rename it for example to path.php

Then upload this file into your website's tmp folder. After this check it in the browser, what does your file write out:

It will write out the correct path, and that is what you should use (plus the name of our folder).

You should also check if your configuration.php file has this tmp path correctly.