Please feel free to join our translation project by contacting us! Every translation will be published in the next Smart Slider versions after they exceeded the minimal translation.

How to use the translation system?

After you contacted with us, we are going to provide you the necessary account credentials for our translation system. With your account you will be able to login and start the translation on a very simple and friendly platform. In this documentation we would like to teach you the usage of this application. In the main page you can see the projects we are working on (Accordion Menu, Smart Slider 2, Smart Slider 3) and the common framework for those projects. You can also find the login button at the top left corner. ("Sign in to help translate")

If you would like to translate to the Smart Slider 3, then click on this project. Please don't forget to translate the framework common project too, because it includes the general part of our framework, for example: font manager.

After this you have to select the language. You can search for the language you would like to use using the search-box.

Now you can start to fill the right column, this will automatically save your translation.

Tip: If you press the tab button, you can save the actual word, and skip to the next.

Here you can see a few filters, which can be useful, for example one of them allows you to see only the phrases, which are not yet translated.

Have a problem?

Feel free to contact with our support staff.