Cache folder is not writable

If you just installed the slider and see this screen, that means something isn't set up correctly in your server. More specifically, your site's cache folder isn't writable.

Why does Smart Slider 3 need the cache folder?

Smart Slider 3 is using cache files in a dedicated folder to make everything as smooth and fast as possible.

Do you need help?

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Cache folders by platform:

  • WordPress: /wp-content/cache
  • Joomla: /media/cache and /cache/nextend
  • Magento: /media/nextend2
  • HTML: /cache

If you see an empty white page with the following message you have to set the italic path name writable: /[path]/[to]/[your]/[site] is not writable.

Solution #1 - change chmod of the path

Connect to your FTP server with your favorite client and chmod 777 the specified folder. For security purpose you can use 755, if that do not work, that means that you have a folder owner issue, which described in Solution #2. With images:

Solution #2 - change owner of the path

If the Solution #1 do not work for you, that means the owner of the specified path is not the same as the one who is running PHP on your server. This can rarely happen if you upload Smart Slider via FTP and the FTP server is running with different owner that PHP. To solve this, I suggest you to contact with your hosting support or server administrator, but if you are familiar with SHH and Linux command you can use the following:

First you have to get the owner which works with your index.php:

stat -c %U /[path]/[to]/[your]/[site]/index.php

Then you have to set that owner to the path (in my case the owner is nextendweb, so replace that with yours!):

chown -R nextendweb:nextendweb /[path]/[to]/[your]/[site]/[from]/[the]/[error]/[message]

Solution #3 - Windows servers

Right click on the folder, Properties and uncheck the Read-only property to make it writable.