Same slider used twice or more in the same page

You can't use the same slider in a page more than once because the HTML ids can't be duplicated. You should duplicate your slider and add the new slider to the page once again, if you would like to use it more than once.

One slider can’t be in another slider

You can’t put a WordPress shortcode or a Joomla module position used by another slider into a slider, because many codes of the outer slider would apply to the inner slider, which would make CSS and JavaScript errors, and none of the sliders would work.

Older Samsung phones and tablets

We don’t support older Samsung Android devices, which are using TouchWiz.

Old IOS versions (iOS 8 or older)

These old IOS versions doesn't support flexbox, which we are using for the Content mode and lots of controls. In such old devices these features won't look correct.

Background animations in Internet Explorer

IE is so behind 3D animations, that we don't support the background animations in them. Some other 3D effects, like flip or rotation are not working there either.

AJAX calling

We do not support AJAX calling, because it doesn’t trigger JavaScript codes, which are triggered with the website’s loading.

Windows Safari

The Windows version of Safari wasn’t developed since 2012, and it has many known problems, so we don’t support it either.

Slider in table tags

<table> tags are calculating their widths differently, than the other elements in a website, they are watching the width of the contents inside them too, not just the width of the outside, and they are getting smaller based on that. Our slider has a width, and it’s getting smaller, if the container gets smaller, but the table won’t get smaller just like that, so our slider won’t either. Basically the limitation is, that the slider won’t be responsive in a table tag, so you shouldn’t put it there.

Device specific background image with generators

You cannot see the device specific background images, when you are using generators, so the "Manage" button at the slide's settings - background cannot be used perfectly. But if you copy paste your variable inside it, that will be used.

RTL text with split text animation

RTL texts cannot use split text animation with character splitting, because the animation is cutting the text into character pieces, but RTL texts are using different characters, when you put more characters together. For example this word is together:

and this is how the separate characters looks like:
ح ت ی

as you can see, they are different.