Using the year-month-date format differently

In some generators we made date and time format options, so this documentation is only necessary, if you don't have that option in your generator's settings.

We have formatted the dates like YYYY-MM-DD, but you might want to show it in a different way. The trick about this is, that the date has always the same length, the year is the first 4 character, the month starts from the 6th, and 2 character long, then the day starts from the 9th character with 2 characters.

You can use our split function from the advanced generator functions to cut out these characters separately, and put them next to each other in any order.


variable contains
{start_date/1} 2015-11-18
{splitbychars(start_date/1,0,4)} 2015
{splitbychars(start_date/1,5,2)} 11
{splitbychars(start_date/1,8,2)} 18
New format I want to use:


What I will put into my text: