Reasons to replace Smart Slider 2 with Smart Slider 3

Known issues of Smart Slider 2, which can't be solved in it, but they are solved in Smart Slider 3:

  • Too many cache files are created, because they aren't deleted unless you do it manually.
  • In Chrome if you leave a tab for long, all javascript running will stop on your page, and when you go back, it will continue, but Smart Slider 2 sliders won't work after this, because this method of Chrome isn't working 100% yet, and it's messing up some js codes, like ours. In Smart Slider 3 we managed to make a fix for this problem.
  • Randomize doesn't work with widgets, because the slide order is cached, but the widgets aren't.

Better slide editor:

  • Layers and items are handled together.
  • They can snap to each other or other lines, so you can put them down based on each other's position much more easily.
  • Way better font managing: automatic Google font recognizing, font manager is right at the item's settings, layers defaultly won't cut off texts, if they are bigger, than the layer and the responsive font changing option is right at the editor. Basically you can use, test and modify your fonts about ten times faster.
  • Customizable layer animations: all variables, which were used in Smart Slider 2, and are used in Smart Slider 3 to make layer animations are accessable in the backend with a preview.
  • Chain animations: you won't only be able to have one in, and one out layer animation, but you can have as many as you want, also you can have looping animations.
  • Timeline: you don't need to calculate the delay and durations, that which layer animation should come when to have them in an certain order, you can just move them in the timeline.

New animations:

  • New background animations with preview.
  • Ken Burns focusing anywhere you want.
  • Split text animation: a new kind of animation for the Heading item (the items will be the "layers" from now on).

Tons of new features:

  • Parallax.
  • Fixed slider background.
  • Style manager at the widgets (which will be called "controls"), and at the layers with all the styling options we could think of and a css field for the options we couldn't.
  • Different slider sizes for smaller views; a different one for portrait and landscape view.
  • Events: trigger the layer animations with events, like clicking on a button.
  • Multiple dynamic slide generators in one slider.
  • And so much more...

In the future Smart Slider 3 will be developed further, and Smart Slider 2 will be kept updated for as long as it's necessary. Hopefully everyone will see, how much better Smart Slider 3 is, and that can be our only slider.