GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights and other website speed tests

Google PageSpeed Insight


The page speed test doesn't run

Possible error message:

An error occurred while fetching or analysing the page.

This error happens when you turn on the Combine option at the Nextend Settings. Google PageSpeed Insights is unable to handle base64 the minified jQuery code which our slider creates when these options are turned on. If your site already calls in jQuery, go back to the Nextend Settings and turn off the Load jQuery on frontend option. If your site doesn't call any jQuery just our slider does, modify your theme or install a plugin that calls in jQuery using a different method.

You can also update your slider as the jQuery loading handled differently from version 3.2.12.


Other messages

You can make some of the "error" messages disappear by turning on the Async option at the Global Settings > Framework settings. If your site already loads jQuery on the frontend you can turn off ours.

GTmetrix, etc.

We have checked our sliders with all sort of website speed tests, and modified our code to them, so they are as optimized, as they can be. You might see some errors, like "image dimensions not specified", because these page speed tests are limited, and one limitation they have is, that they cannot detect when image dimensions are supplied through CSS, like in our sliders, so the speed test report is wrong.

If you have a problem with your website's speed, check out this documentation.

Mobile-Friendly Test

When Google Mobile Friendly requests a site it often does not wait for the necessary resources (CSS or JS files and images) to load fully. It simply finishes the test after a given time, and because of that, the results are often not accurate.

On real phones this thing doesn't happen, so we suggest checking your site on a real phone and make sure  everything is correct there.