Unable to purchase, buy now button doesn't work

If you can't proceed with the purchasing, because you can't click on something, or your browser is freezing, it could be that your browser isn't working properly, so please try to do it with another browser (maybe restart your computer, or hard refresh our website with Ctrl + F5). 

Another problem could be, if the problem isn't with the functionality, so you can get to those links, and go further, but that the credit card isn't acceptable. Our payment provider has some filters to not to allow fraudulent purchases, but sometimes they aren't fraudulent, just the situation makes it look like that, for example if you are using a credit card from another country. In this case contact us, and we will write to our payment provider to create a custom order for you!

Or if you just don't know why you can't proceed, maybe you have some questions, feel free to contact us!