Interface - Slide configuration area


Table of contents

Slide settings

These options are affecting the whole slide. Check out the "Slide settings" documentations in here to know more about them.

Duplicate slide

You can quickly duplicate the slide to create a backup.

Delete slide

You can quickly delete the slide if you don't need it anymore.

Secondary navigation bar

Size changer

You can change the size of your slider to see, how it looks like on smaller and bigger screens, which can help you to adjust the layers.


If you use advanced responsiveness, you will see the different devices here, you can pick them and use the size changer to see which one is the fallback for which view.

Slide editor

Canvas settings

  • Snap - When this option is turned on, your layers will snap to each other, also there is a snapping in the center. A pink line will mark if the layer wants to snap to the slide's vertical or horizontal center, and a blue line will mark where your layer wants to snap to other layers.
  • Dark mode - You can change the background color of the editor to light or dark. This won't affect the slider, it's only to make things easier to see.
  • Ruler - Shows or removes the ruler around the slide editor
  • Show guides - enables the guides on the slide editor
  • Lock guides - locks the guides which prevents moving or removing them accidentally
  • Clear guides - removes all added guides from the slide editor
Chain layer creation

You can chain two layers together by making a parent-child relationship between them to keep the selected points relative to each other to make them more responsive. You can also use this feature if you would like to move more layers together. Check out this documentation for more information.


With these buttons you can align your active layer vertically and horizontally on the slider. If you click once on them, they will only change the layer's responsive point, but if you click on them twice, they will also move the layer to the given position.

Show on device

With this button you can change the visibility of the active layer on the selected device.

Adaptive sizing Expert

Adaptive sizing on/off button for the active layer.

The adaptive sizing is turned on at the Content layer by default when you are using Content mode.
Font Size modifier

You can change the size of the active layer's fonts for the different devices.

Content/Canvas switcher

This tool can help you switch between Content (structured slide building) and Canvas (drag'n'drop slide editor) mode. After you switched to the other mode, you should make sure the layer you want to use is in the other mode by dragging it there.

Clear device specific layer settings

Clears the layer's device specific settings on the selected device. It's not available in desktop portrait mode!

Layer list

This is where you can change the order of your layers by drag 'n dropping them. Also you can handle your layer animations here from a timeline.