Upcoming fixes and updates

3.3.6 - WordPress

  • Fix: Autoptimize compatibility
  • Fix: Divi compatibility
  • Fix: Ajax compatibility


  • Compatibility: Smart Slider 3 requires minimum PHP 5.4, WordPress 4.6 and Joomla 3.7 version. From now on the slider won't activate if these minimum requirements are not available.
  • Improvement: WordPress admin area icon replaced with Dashicon
  • Deprecated: 500px generator removed because 500px shut down their APIs on June 15, 2018.
  • Feature: generator variables are now supported in layer CSS class
  • Feature: slide background blur is enabled in Edge
  • Feature: YouTube privacy enchanted mode
  • Feature: removed layer animations from Google bot
  • Feature: limit bot slider height in fullpage slider type
  • Feature: The Events Calendar generator featured image alt tag
  • Feature: Vimeo and YouTube layer cover image improvement
  • Feature: Google fonts can be disabled at the backend as well
  • Feature: All custom posts generator meta key filtering
  • Feature: All custom posts and custom posts taxonomy term variables
  • Feature: New custom loading features
  • Feature: Make sliders load into iframes on AJAX websites
  • Feature: Use alias to create an element in front of the slider with that ID ( + smooth scrolling option)
  • Feature: dynamic slide generators now check whether the dynamic source is available
  • Feature: Slider loading - placeholder color and background image option
  • Feature: Clear both after slider will become an option
  • Feature: Pause video on scroll (available at all video layers)
  • Feature: Jetpack Photon compatibility
  • Feature: Meta filtering, meta ordering options for the Events Calendar generator
  • Feature: %% wildcard character for Images from subfolders generator
  • Feature: WordPress posts generator customizable date variables option
  • Feature: New help page with selected articles, documentation search and better support form
  • Feature: Slide level autoplay duration is not restricted from now on
  • Feature: MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Feature: Smart Slider 3 is removed from WordPress RSS
  • Feature: Secondary
  • Fix: Button text decoration
  • Fix: Controls in below/above positions are correctly centered now
  • Fix: Font family: inherit is correctly applied now
  • Fix: iOS Safari audio autoplay
  • Fix: Layer events naming
  • Fix: Particle and Shape divider configuration popup
  • Fix: Joomla onContentPrepare fix when system plugins contain eventlistener for this event
  • Fix: Removed webfontloader dependency to avoid HTML export issues
  • Fix: old ( 3.1 or before) icon layer fallback
  • Fix: LiteSpeed cache ESI
  • Fix: Datetime picker for slide Publish up/down
  • Fix: PHP Warning at slider groups
  • Fix: Custom posts all taxonomies will be asked down
  • Fix: Twitter generator needed a more specific callback url
  • Fix: Unique classes for dynamic slide elements
  • Fix: wayback machine fix for slide background images
  • Fix: Beaver Builder compatilibity
  • Fix: ACF compatibility on PHP 7.2.


2018. 06. 07. - WordPress
  • Fix for plugins_loaded action bug
  • Fix for upgrade error message
  • Fix: TinyMCE Advanced conflict


2018.06.05 - Joomla. Other versions will be released soon.
  • Feature: Joomla content plugins can be disabled
  • Feature: Global setting changes are clearing slider cache
  • Feature: GSAP loading improvements
  • Feature: Input layer variables
  • Feature: Events Booking generator
  • Fix: Chrome video handling improvements
  • Fix: Advanced control position text field fixed
  • Fix: jQuery Easy conflict
  • Fix: Font family loading fixes
  • Fix: Joomla update sites reloaded on install
  • Fix: Aviary fix
  • Fix: Flickr generator fix + "owner" variable deprecation
  • Fix: Force RTL backend
  • Fix: Joomla email cloaking now skips our CSS media queries

3.3.0 - Eclipse

2018.05.15 - Joomla Free
Smart Slider 3 now requires at least Joomla 3.7 or newer and WordPress 4.6 or higher. Joomla 2 is not supported anymore.
  • Feature: SEO title is now available in the free version
  • Feature: autoplay controls are now hidden when the autoplay is disabled
  • Feature: autoplay indicator style manager
  • Feature: autoplay indicators are now svg images, so they need less memory
  • Feature: better Add Slide UI
  • Feature: better compatibility with caching plugins
  • Feature: better slide background management
  • Feature: Content and Canvas layers now have different color in the slide editor
  • Feature: decrease full page slider height by fix value
  • Feature: disable video background on mobile
  • Feature: Divi 3.1 support WordPress
  • Feature: dynamic slide templates now use Content mode
  • Feature: hover effects (row, col and content)
  • Feature: Main animation properties → Parallax overlap now uses % value
  • Feature: new caching engine
  • Feature: new Ecwid generator variables
  • Feature: new fill mode: Blur fit
  • Feature: new icon selector for icon layer
  • Feature: new slide background animations
  • Feature: no more xml files. Wider server compatibility and more flexible interface
  • Feature: now you can see and edit the related Joomla modules of your current slider at the Slider settings → Publish tab Joomla
  • Feature: PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Feature: remove linebreak generator function
  • Feature: row link
  • Feature: slide background and thumbnail sync
  • Feature: Static slide renamed to Static Overlay
  • Feature: Thumbnail control: draggable slides
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator: different image sizes WordPress
  • Feature: WordPress custom posts generator - Exclude IDs WordPress
  • Other: getting ready for Joomla 4 Joomla
  • Fix: DJ Classifieds generator
  • Fix: Facebook oauth redirect URI
  • Fix: Joomla article generator Joomla
  • Fix: Row stretch and wrap after fix
  • Fix: Vimeo generator fix
  • Fix: Virtuemart generator
  • Deprecated: Lock at the size changer