Upcoming fixes and updates


WordPress FREE
  • Feature: Widget areas in WordPress
  • Feature: Slider alias
  • Feature: Twitter created_at variable
  • Feature: Enhanced Media Library compatibility WordPress
  • Feature: Arrow alt tags
  • Feature: User related advanced shortcode options
  • Feature: Control hover displaying improved
  • Feature: Background color can get dynamic slide variable
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator seller variables
  • Feature: PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Fix: ProPhoto theme compatibility
  • Fix: WooCommerce generator and ACF WordPress
  • Fix: PDF loading in Lightbox
  • Fix: Layer position when a chained layer was moved to Content mode
  • Fix: Vertical Text bar on mobile
  • Fix: Image from folder generator exif data management
  • Fix: Hidden video layers are not autoplaying anymore on iPhone
  • Fix: Elementor issue
  • Fix: Google font droid fix to Noto
  • Fix: CDNForJoomla fix
  • Fix: Chain to content element
  • Fix: Slide editor group handling
  • Fix: Scroll fix for mac
  • Fix: Shape Dividers to fix Firefox bug
  • Fix: Safari font smoothing
  • Fix: Compatibility fix for JCH Optimize
  • Fix: Publishing on WooCommerce product pages
  • Fix: VirtueMart generator url fix
  • Deprecated: Remove spaces from parents
  • Deprecated: Hide siblings


  • Fix: Thumbnail caption placement


  • Feature: Smart Slider 3 in-app rating. Every feedback helps us to measure how we are doing :)
  • Feature: Custom Smart Slider field for Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Feature: Option to disable Slider shortcode when YOAST SEO generates XML sitemap
  • Feature: Images from subfolders date ordering
  • Feature: Web-Dorado Photo Gallery variables for non-images
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator variables for Dynamic Featured Image plugin
  • Feature: WooCommerce timestamp changing
  • Feature: Generator variables for Content, Row and Column backgrounds and URLs.
  • Feature: Simple type main animation now use transform for the animation
  • Fix: Background video and YouTube autoplays for supported mobiles (playsinline and muted)
  • Fix: Image from folder generator's ordering by file name
  • Fix: Proper loading of slider when fade on load setting disabled
  • Fix: Server side mobile detect fix in rare cases
  • Fix: Lightbox arrows
  • Fix: WooCommerce meta variables
  • Fix: Thumbnail border fix
  • Fix: Above and below controls are visible in full page and in full screen mode
  • Fix: Disable WordPress emoji in page builders preview


  • Feature: License key giving option as a PHP constant
  • Feature: The YoutubeVimeo and Video layers will stop if you scroll away from them and they will continue when you scroll back
  • Feature: The free version's Image layer will have width and height settings too
  • Feature: Perspective won't be used with 0px (to have the same animation effect, as it was in earlier versions)
  • Feature: Joomla article generator image variables
  • Feature: Base64 removed from async
  • Feature: Twitter generator image-related code updated
  • Feature: License code will still work when cacert.pem is set up incorrectly on the server
  • Feature: Elementor will auto open the slider selector
  • Feature: Beaver Builder 2.0 compatibility
  • Fix: Ken Burns "to top left" setting was missing and "to bottom right" was there twice
  • Fix: Youtube certain configuration settings weren't used
  • Fix: Slide's link wasn't clickable over the text bar
  • Fix: Search link
  • Fix: PHP7.2 deprecated create_function notice
  • Fix: Flickr code updated. You will need to request a new token!
  • Fix: Lightbox iPad PRO fix
  • Fix: CURL fix
  • Fix: Wordfence compatibility
  • Fix: Text bar click fix
  • Fix: Control visibility states


  • Feature: Drag and drop upload removes the image extension
  • Feature: Event Manager generator category and metadata variables
  • Feature: Play when visible is available in the free version
  • Feature: Server-side mobile detection
  • Feature: Single bullet will be hidden
  • Feature: Thumbnail updates on background change if the background image and thumbnail are the same
  • Feature: Lightbox improvements with new structure
  • Feature: Featured article ordering option for the Joomla article generator
  • Feature: Force full-width overflow hidden element setting
  • Feature: Control normal flow (below and above slider positions) improvements
  • Feature: Affiliate hoplink improvements
  • Feature: Updated Google Font family list
  • Feature: Frontend accessibility parameter. Accessibility: :HOVER styles apply to :FOCUS. Not: :FOCUS state looks like the normal state
  • Feature: WordPress Unyson framework improved implementation
  • Fix: Hoplink fix
  • Fix: Base64_decode fallback when it's disabled on the server
  • Fix: Fallback when mime_content_type is disabled on the server
  • Fix: Click on one slide where touch is enabled
  • Fix: Flickr generator configuration saving
  • Fix: Font and style hover/normal improvements while blank links are used
  • Fix: Layer item scroll fix for IOS
  • Fix: Image URL on new layer & slide when the Protocol Relative URL is used.
  • Fix: Layer Event fixes
  • Fix: Preserve 3D in Firefox
  • Fix: Rotate X layer animation in column bug
  • Fix: RTL behavior improvements
  • Fix: Send as file on Safari
  • Fix: Slider importing on certain servers
  • Fix: Thumbnail control arrows in Firefox
  • Fix: WooCommerce generator possible PHP notice
  • Fix: Links not working in certain cases
  • Fix: Down/right gradient orientation
  • Fix: Hidden col allowed to drop layers when dragging on canvas
  • Fix: Layer window auto positioning removed
  • Fix: Hidden slider control was clickable
  • Fix: Google Chrome input layer placeholder color fixed






Flickr generator had to be rewritten to use their new API. You will need to request a new token!
  • Feature: Link to columns
  • Feature: Fade in codes updated
  • Feature: Post generator post meta variables
  • Feature: WordPress text widget's shortcode will be replaced, even if your theme doesn't replace it
  • Feature: WordPress twenty-seventeen theme better compatibility on specific positions
  • Feature: AJAX can load the slider in most cases
  • Feature: Lots of optimization to make the editing smoother and the loading faster
  • Feature: EasySocial albums will include pages too
  • Feature: 500px new image variables
  • Feature: Elementor 1.6.x compatibility
  • Feature: Stability and speed improvements
  • Feature: Particle effect
  • Feature: Shape divider
  • Feature: Visual Composer Ultimate Layouts compatibility
  • Feature: Disable Font Awesome icons if you load your own library.
  • Feature: Layer parallax is now available for static slides too
  • Feature: MotoPressCE compatibility
  • Fix: Resize hidden layers when they are parents
  • Fix: Facebook configuration error on PHP5.3-
  • Fix: jQuery 3.x fixes
  • Fix: Dynamic slide Static save
  • Fix: RSEvents!Pro dates fix
  • Fix: Flickr generator had to be rewritten to use their new API. You will need to request a new token!
  • Fix: Delayed (for lightbox/tabs) compatibility fix with new tab plugins
  • Fix: Youtube generator's token refreshing. If you won't see your new videos appearing, request a new token!
  • Fix: Parallax and rotation layer animation


2017. 06. 28.
  • Feature: Column count is not limited anymore
  • Feature: MP4 video browser at the video layer and background video
  • Feature: MP4 videos can be exported and imported
  • Feature: MP4 video poster browser
  • Feature: Italian translation
  • Feature: Caption layer vertical align
  • Feature: New icon layer (the old one is in the legacy state. You can continue using the already created layers but the ones you create from now on are the new icon layer.)
  • Feature: Button layer with icons
  • Feature: New layers: Counter, Circle counter, Progress bar, Image box, Audio
  • Feature: Clear: both option before the slider
  • Feature: font-weight: 100 now selectable
  • Feature: Slide bulk select improved
  • Feature: Grab cursor will only appear if slide count is greater than 1
  • Fix: YouTube layer Play button
  • Fix: Content mode fixes in Internet Explorer
  • Fix: GSAP conflict prevented
  • Fix: Static slide and content mode
  • Fix: Group restore
  • Fix: Invalid item data fix
  • Fix: Showcase type fix for Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Ken Burns effect fixes
  • Fix: Preload slider id
  • Fix: IOS static slide fix
  • Fix: Carousel slider type with layer animations
  • Fix: List layer fonts
  • Fix: Tooltip
  • Fix: Column show/hide on different devices
  • Fix: Text layer
  • Fix: Parent picker/layer chain improvements
  • Fix: Forcing MotoPress Content Editor to save down our shortcode and not just the HTML code
  • Fix: layer animation when layer parallax and rotation is used
  • Deprecated: WebM and OGG support, MP4 is supported in every browser:
  • Deprecated: Weaker CSS selectors feature (not needed anymore)
  • Other minor CSS and speed improvements


  • Feature: YooTheme builder compatibility
  • Feature: Hikashop - products generator option to ask down all images
  • Feature: Joomla articles generator - option to ask down Joomla 3.7.0+ custom fields
  • Feature: New K2 image variable
  • Fix: Image path in some generators
  • Fix: Joomla module


  • Feature: Admin label for Smart Slider 3 Divi module
  • Feature: WordPress generator featured image alt tag
  • Feature: Divi/Extra Layout Injector compatibility
  • Feature: Beaver Builder 2.0 alpha patch compatibility
  • Feature: Visual composer backend fix
  • Fix: Elementor Pro template does not show sliders in certain settings
  • Fix: WooCommerce generator functions updated to WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Fix: The Events Calendar generator PHP notice fix
  • Fix: Show editor icon fix


  • Feature: Tailor Page Builder compatibility
  • Feature: Repeat self only option for loop layer animation
  • Feature: Joomla article generator variables for Helix3 framework
  • Feature: Control stack removed from Expert mode so now it's available in the free version as well
  • Feature: Parallax effect now animates when used on multiple slides in the same slider. (Read more on the reasons.)
  • Fix: Elementor PRO Compatibility
  • Fix: Weaker CSS selectors fix
  • Fix: Remove from slider group
  • Fix: Facebook generator settings
  • Fix: Cobalt generator


  • Fix: WooCommerce featured filter
  • Fix: Joomla dynamic slides
  • Fix: Grouped layers' z-index order
  • Fix: Joomla module layer
  • Fix: Ken Burns effect
  • Fix: Resize hidden layers when they are parents.
  • Fix: Static slide fix when content mode used on it.
  • Fix: Generator fixes
  • Fix: Magento shortcode

3.2.1 - Protostar - Pro only


Important for notice before you upgrade to Smart Slider 3.2.

Smart Slider 3.2 use the CSS technique called Flexbox. We tested it on every modern browser and there is no issue. But it might be not supported in very old browsers. If you need to support those old browsers, we suggest you stay on Smart Slider 3.1.

Before the update, we suggest you to do full backup of your site or just backup the MySQL tables of Smart Slider before the update as after you installed Smart Slider 3.2, you won't be able to downgrade to Smart Slider 3.1. Tables are: *_nextend2_image_storage, *_nextend2_section_storage, *_nextend2_smartslider3_generators, *_nextend2_smartslider3_sliders, *_nextend2_smartslider3_sliders_xref, *_nextend2_smartslider3_slides

  • Feature: Content builder mode in slide editor - Video: Slide Editing I. - Basics
  • Feature: Slide library with tons of new premade slides - Video: Slide library
  • Feature: Structure - build slides with rows and columns - Video: Slide Editing II. - Content Slide
  • Feature: Blur effect for slide backgrounds
  • Feature: Blur layer animation
  • Feature: Copy and paste slides
  • Feature: Move slide between sliders
  • Feature: Slider displays itself in the live editor of different page builders. (Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer)
  • Feature: Google font family list updated
  • Feature: Adjust slider width to parent selector option for the Fullwidth and Full page responsive mode
  • Feature: JoomShopping language choosing option and Joomla made URL variable
  • Several fixes and small improvements
  • Fix: HTML App update error
  • Removed: Layer rotation removed, use layer animation with special zero enabled
  • Removed: Slide layouts are not available, use copy slides between sliders.
  • Deprecated: Layer groups


  • Feature: Google font families updated
  • Fix: Sliders do not load in are cases
  • Fix: Transition layer when there is no second image selected
  • Fix: YouTube layer in Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Arrow size in Internet Explorer


  • Fix: Vimeo video start time
  • Fix: Background images when tile, center and parallax background fill mode is used



Important for Picasa generator users

Google deprecated Picasa and changed a lot of things. Because of this, we had to rewrite our Picasa/Google Photos generator, which will need you to create an API, so you will have to set up your generator again! Check out its documentation for the instructions.

Important for Facebook generator users

The API library we used for our Facebook generator had to be updated to their latest API, because Facebook stopped supporting the previous API. Because of that you will have to request a new token, as you see here!


Thumbnail changes: If you used the Center option at the Thumbnail's settings, you will have to pick it again that with the new Align thumbnails setting!
  • Language: Farsi language (85%) - Thanks, Abolfazl!
  • Language: French language (78%) - Thanks Bérangère Audebert!
  • Feature: Advanced shortcode options
  • Feature: Events manager multisite options to get events from all sites
  • Feature: Force English backend option
  • Feature: Images in folder and subfolders generator
  • Feature: Joomla login session renewal in every 5 minutes, so you wouldn't be logged out from your backend, if you edit your slide longer, than when your session ends
  • Feature: New variables for the WordPress post generator, if there is Divi page builder slider used in the post's description
  • Feature: Tags option at the Heading layer got into the free version too
  • Feature: The Events Calendar featured and hide from event listings filtering options
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator category variables
  • Feature: Zoom cursor on lightboxes (both layers and slide lightbox)
  • Fix: All-in-One Event Calendar possible PHP notice on high server error reporting
  • Fix: Carousel randomization
  • Fix: Carousel slider and slide size
  • Fix: Documentation beacon
  • Fix: EasySocial image links + album ordering
  • Fix: Dynamic slide compatibility with lower RSEvents!Pro versions
  • Fix: Events Manager multisite fix
  • Fix: Flickr generator possible PHP notices on high server error reporting
  • Fix: Generator fix
  • Fix: Grouped layer import-export
  • Fix: jCart/JooCart generator code updated to their new version's code
  • Fix: Layer animations
  • Fix: Layer groups + layer chaining fix
  • Fix: Lightbox on mobile and tablet
  • Fix: PHP 7 warnings (at 500px, twitter, and Flickr generator's API)
  • Fix: Showcase slider type's slide switching
  • Fix: Slide editor will show the layers correctly when the full page responsive mode is used with it's constrained slide ratio option turned on
  • Fix: Slider will load correctly into our lightbox
  • Fix: The Events Calendar notice fixes
  • Fix: Thumbnails
  • Fix: Virtuemart ordering
  • Fix: WordPress custom post generator possible notice fix
  • Fix: WordPress post generator: the excerpt variable was moved to the bottom of the variables to avoid plugin conflicts


This is the last Smart Slider 3 version, which supported IE10 and IE9. From the next versions, we will only support IE11 and higher IE versions.


  • Fix: Image from folder generator
  • Fix: Menu fix for Parallax One and Llorix One Lite theme
  • Fix: Bento theme problem fix - same class renamed
  • Fix: Slider duplication fix
  • Fix: Generator splitbywords fix


IMPORTANT FOR JOOMLA AND HTML APP USERS: Updating Smart Slider from 3.1.3- version using our update feature will cause a php error message (won't mess up anything in your live site, but the update won't work). To update to this version, use the manual updating, what you can see here for Joomla and here for the HTML App!
  • Feature: Text bar title on/off
  • Feature: Generator settings in more visible locations
  • Feature: Image layer reads alt tags from WordPress Media Library when a new image is selected
  • Feature: rel attribute on links
  • Feature: Slider groups
  • Feature: Remove controls from Vimeo videos (For Vimeo Pro and Plus members only!)
  • Feature: Joomla article generator date translation option
  • Feature: All-in-One Event Calendar generator recurring event handling options
  • Feature: Poster attribute for video layer
  • Feature: Vimeo layer quality parameter
  • Feature: New PHP function for developers to make importing easier
  • Feature: RSS feed content will be asked down too
  • Feature: RSS feed date translation option
  • Feature: K2 date and time variables
  • Feature: Different CSS file in calling options from the Nextend settings
  • Feature: Better error handling for different server caused issues
  • Feature: Dynamic slider height for Carousel sliders
  • Fix: Tidy settings removed (got deprecated)
  • Fix: Backend editor responsiveness fix in Chrome
  • Fix: Adobe Aviary API creation process instructions updated
  • Fix: Joomla frontend module editor opens the correct slider at the backend
  • Fix: WordPress post generator variable name bug
  • Fix: jReviews fix
  • Fix: jCart fix in case vQmod is used
  • Fix: RSEvents date translation code optimization
  • Fix: RSS generator warning from some feeds
  • Fix: Google font list updated
  • Fix: Various full page responsive mode related fixes
  • Fix: Showcase slider click fix, when the Rotate X or Rotate Y option is used. More info on their description.
  • Fix: SiteOrigin Widgets fix the post generators


  • Feature: Animations on the timeline can be moved together when multiple layers are selected.
  • Feature: Slider ID displayed at slider and slide settings
  • Feature: Slider settings will only appear when you have slides
  • Feature: Heading layer - div tag option
  • Feature: Backend slide list handling improvement
  • Feature: One more event option
  • Feature: Hotkey (A) to give auto height and width to the selected layer
  • Feature: Image layer, image area layer improved handling in generators
  • Feature: Simple slider type - reversed horizontal and vertical options for the main animation
  • Fix: Admin area autoload fixes for Nextend settings and Flickr settings
  • Fix: Youtube layer - centered option overflow fix
  • Fix: Internet Explorer fullscreen fix

3.1.1 - Supernova


Read our blog post about what changed in Smart Slider 3.1.

  • UI Revamp and Refresh: dashboard, slider and slide view
  • Completely new slide editor interface
  • New Slides view with bulk actions
  • New layer window
  • Feature: Design presets for layers
  • Layer Animation editor from the layer window
  • Feature: Multiple layer selection and groups
  • Feature: Layer rotation
  • Gradient background and overlay
  • Feature: Tooltip for parameters
  • Feature: Ruler and guides for the canvas
  • Improved: default and autocomplete values
  • Improved: Parent picker with wizard
  • Feature: Image area layer
  • Feature: jCart/JooCart generator
  • Feature: WordPress posts generator tag variables
  • Feature: New autoplay code for developer customization
  • Feature: Full page slider type won't recalculate it's height on phones, when the URL bar appears/disappears
  • Feature: Yoast SEO sitemap will include Smart Slider images
  • Feature: Vimeo API updated
  • Feature: RSEvents!Pro generator date and time translation option
  • Feature: Custom post type post meta filter
  • Fix: EasyBlog image URL fix
  • Fix: WordPress custom posts generator missing variables
  • Fix: Stronger letter spacing CSS code when split text animation is used
  • Fix: Passing PHP Compatibility Checker plugin's test
  • Fix: Ken burns animation manager at the slide when the fill mode is center
  • Fix: Fullscreen slider in Chrome
  • Fix: RSEvents!Pro all day event ending check fix
  • Fix: Export all sliders unzipping on MACs
  • Fix: Decimal point on some server configurations


  • Feature: Joomla Joomla articles extra link variables
  • Fix: Notice at other plugins' installation
  • Fix: Joomla JEvents repeating events will only show published events
  • Fix: Joomla Slide publish up/down timezone fix
  • Fix: WordPress Beaver Builder will only show our shortcode because it's not able to call in files
  • Fix: Fullscreen on iPhones and iPads when the site had CSS3 animation
  • Fix: iOS10 touch improvement
  • Fix: Lightbox won't show the YouTube related videos


  • Feature: Attribute change from n2click to data-n2click
  • Feature: Joomla Article generator new filters: Excluded article ids, Joomla access level
  • Feature: Joomla Article generator Language filter accepts multiple values, separated by comma
  • Feature: Slide publish interval localization
  • Feature: WordPress post generator variables for different image size from ACF
  • Feature: RSEvents!Pro generator location variables
  • Feature: CSS cache file now loads before the JavaScript callings in the page
  • Feature: When Lightbox from backgrounds is used it is possible to set device-specific lightbox images
  • Feature: Icon layer can have a hover color from now on
  • Feature: Smart Slider 3's DIVI module now works on Extra's layouts
  • Feature: JEvents Standard Images & Files plugin compatibility
  • Feature: jQuery 3.x compatibility
  • Feature: Script attributes to our JavaScript cache files
  • Feature: Cache support option for the randomization
  • Feature: Events Manager excerpt variable
  • Feature: Center thumbnails option
  • Feature: Remove links option for advanced generator functions
  • Feature: JEvents - One-time events event status filter
  • Fix: Vertical showcase slider
  • Fix: Scrolling issue in rare cases
  • Fix: Image manager wasn't able to load images on some servers
  • Fix: HikaShop image path
  • Fix: Horizontal accordion type slider RTL fix
  • Fix: Easy blog trashed posts are not returned
  • Fix: Conflict with DropEditor extension
  • Fix: Fullscreen control + Safari
  • Fix: WordPress - Lazy loading plugin compatibility fix
  • Fix: RTL timeline fix
  • Fix: DIVI 3 page builder cache conflict
  • Fix: Loading icon on some websites didn't disappear
  • Fix: In rare cases, iPhones might open the slide links in two tabs
  • Fix: In some rare cases, the slider export was not working
  • Fix: Flickr token issue
  • Fix: Smart Slider 3 access level fix
  • Fix: Joomla Easyblog trashed articles fix
  • Fix: WordPress warning message when plugins are updated in rare cases
  • Fix: Joomla K2 generator featured items
  • Fix: When no loading animation is selected, a PHP notice can appear
  • Fix: HikaShop product image fix for when there are multiple file types given to the product
  • Fix: Magento installation didn't work on some servers causing 503 error
  • Fix: Joomla articles generator * language filter will mean all languages on multilingual websites, not only not selected ones


IMPORTANT: Instagram limited the accessibility of their APIs, and from June 1, 2016, and you will be only able to access your own images. Read more.
  • Feature: Autoplay finish at specified slide index
  • Feature: WordPress post generator multiple category variables
  • Feature: WordPress post generator variables for different image size for the set featured image
  • Feature: Text from input generator
  • Feature: WordPress Events Manager town and state filtering options
  • Feature: Joomla Eshop generator simple language selection
  • Feature: Joomla RSevents custom date and time format
  • Feature: RSS feed generator update to get enclosure filename too as a variable + better error handling
  • Feature: Reset video when losing focus on HTML5 video and YouTube layers
  • Feature: Picasa generator Randomize
  • Feature: Option to switch off Smart Slider from WordPress admin bar
  • Feature: Lightbox title and description can be added
  • Feature: Slider perspective can be changed
  • Feature: Keep file names for resized images
  • Translation: 65.8% Italian translation
  • Translation: 61.5% Russian translation
  • Fix: Slide editor fix for sliders with custom slider size
  • Fix: Twitter generator variable fix
  • Fix: WordPress All-in-One Event Calendar order
  • Fix: WordPress Events Manager location list
  • Fix: WordPress Events Manager order
  • Fix: WordPress post generator + Advanced Custom Fields - avoid same variable name
  • Fix: Picasa generator
  • Fix: Lightbox in Full-screen mode
  • Fix: Sample slider import on localhost
  • Fix: Joomla SEF and fixed fill mode
  • Fix: Several RTL fixes
  • Fix: Export as HTML missing images when lightbox enabled
  • Fix: Scrollable layer now can be scrolled on touch devices
  • Fix: W3 Total cache fix for minification


  • Feature: Picasa generator
  • Feature: Support of changed media library directory - WordPress
  • Feature: Image quality can be set at the Optimization
  • Feature: Background image size can be changed at the Optimization
  • Feature: All-in-One Event Calendar generator new date variables - WordPress
  • Feature: Slide background image fixed mode
  • Feature: Update indicator in the normal WordPress updater (PRO only)
  • Feature: Support added for WordPress FTP update mechanism (PRO only)
  • Feature: Eshop generator currency code option for different language sliders
  • Feature: SlideTo actions has a new option to set the direction
  • Feature: Generated extended caching mechanism to support multi-language sites
  • Fix: QTranslate language filter replaced by automatic language detection - WordPress
  • Fix: Force fullwidth on RTL sites
  • Fix: Backend color picker and timeline sidebar couldn't be moved on laptops with touchscreens
  • Fix: Meta Slider compatibility
  • Fix: Ken Burns with lazy loading
  • Fix: Video layer mute
  • Fix: Mobile-tablet responsive size issue when height set
  • Fix: improved control position calculation
  • Fix: update on more secure servers
  • Fix: WordPress post generator Advanced Custom Fields Plugin fix - WordPress
  • Fix: Bullet visibility on Tablet and Mobile
  • Fix: Issue with duration of the crossfade animation
  • Fix: Missing arrows in lightbox when slider exported as HTML


  • Fix: Post generator warning message
  • Fix: filemtime warning for CSS files
  • Fix: HTML app min css file error


  • Feature: Focus point option for the background image
  • Feature: External link option in link popup window
  • Feature: Apply hotkey = enter
  • Feature: Add image slide button will add the alt tag of the image too from the media library - WordPress
  • Feature: Drag 'n drop image adding will put the images into the WordPress media library - WordPress
  • Feature: QTranslate language filter for post generator
  • Feature: Eshop generator language filter
  • Feature: Joomla article generator ID filter
  • Feature: WordPress - All custom posts generator
  • Feature: Spanish translation
  • Feature: RSS - feed generator
  • Feature: WooCommerce rating variable
  • Feature: Crossfade background animation for Simple slider type
  • Feature: Slide editor interface improvements
  • Fix: Accordion slider type didn't have variable options in generators
  • Fix: Play when visible - layers with 0 opacity won't be visible before animation starts
  • Fix: Generator fix for special characters
  • Fix: Smart Slider's menu on the WordPress admin bar now checks if the user can have editor rights for Smart Slider 3


  • Feature: The slider now can be accessed via the WordPress admin bar! - WordPress
  • Feature: Slide ID display on slide list
  • Feature: Joomla administrator full access for installing on new websites
  • Feature: Bar control will have the slide's link too
  • Feature: Eshop subcategories
  • Fix: Video autoplay on static slides is fixed
  • Fix: Videos won't stop when used on a static slide and the slides are switched
  • Fix: Eshop - Rich snippets
  • Fix: Show on devices - Desktop off - Preview


  • Fix: Error message in slider preview in Pro versions


  • Feature: HikaShop Products by ID generator - Joomla
  • Feature: New link action to be able to slide to a slide ID instead of the index, so you could reorder your slides
  • Feature: Youtube layer play button on/off switcher
  • Feature: WordPress posts tag filter - WordPress
  • Feature: Image from folder - new variable: filename without extension
  • Feature: jMarket generator - Joomla
  • Feature: jAuction generator - Joomla
  • Feature: Asset manager changes - far less cache file needed
  • Feature: Background image optimize
  • Feature: Autoplay allow restart when autoplay finished
  • Fix: Joomla 3.5.0 fix for access levels. Previously set up access levels has to be picked!
  • Fix: Easyblog URL and category URL fix - Joomla
  • Fix: Database query optimization
  • Fix: Scroll control fix for Mac
  • Fix: Hikashop image link fix
  • Fix: Magento possible error for product generator - Magento
  • Fix: Divi compatibility WordPress
  • Fix: Image layer missing width in rare cases
  • Fix: YouTube layer mute issue on OSX Safari
  • Fix: Backend HTML code was changed to avoid copy-pasting code tags during copying shortcodes
  • Fix: Fullwidth + center aligned sliders won't look wrong anymore, they will just have normal aligning
  • Fix: All in One events calendar timezone fix - WordPress
  • Fix: WordPress post generator fix when Advanced custom fields plugin was used - WordPress


  • Feature: Automatic lightbox option for slide backgrounds
  • Feature: WooCommerce categories generator - WordPress
  • Feature: A selector can be used to make the ScrollTo action so the horizontal menu won't cover the slider
  • Feature: Option to disable the small screen friendly backend
  • Feature: Thumbnail control: minimum thumbnail count parameter
  • Feature: Advanced slider cache for multi-language sites - WordPress
  • Feature: Option to change the cache folder on WordPress websites
  • Feature: The slides only switch on one slider when the keyboard navigation is used
  • Feature: Carousel slider type - Single switch
  • Feature: New background animation
  • Feature: The slider now detects if the memory limit is too low on the server to perform the "Fade in" animation
  • Fix: YouTube layer
  • Fix: Some form elements were not usable when the mouse drag was turned on.
  • Fix: Full page slide editor
  • Fix: The events calendar ordering
  • Fix: WP Rocket - Lazy loading conflict fixed
  • Fix: WordPress install issue when editor or administrator roles deleted
  • Fix: HTML api - md5 login didn't logged the user in
  • Fix: New K2 extra variables to work with Multilanguages CK
  • Fix: Magento cache path issue on rare cases


  • Fix: Touch improvements
  • Fix: JavaScript error when touch is disabled, but keyboard is enabled
  • Fix: Magento media url fix for special cases
  • Fix: Fill mode - fit on RTL websites



  • Feature: Better visual editor under 1440px screen size
  • Feature: Fill mode options visualized
  • Feature: Full page - Constrain ratio
  • Feature: New saving option in the global settings in case your server doesn't want to save down bigger slides
  • Feature: New slider inserting method at WordPress posts and pages (visualized)
  • Feature: Preview at the slider list too
  • Fix: Autoplay on media started/ended
  • Fix: Browser scroll fix (Full page)
  • Fix: Keyboard up/down arrows will be used when vertical touch is selected
  • Fix: Some of the slider's javascript code might have started twice, which made the responsivity bad
  • Update: Nextend settings moved to the global settings
  • Update: Improved thumbnail responsivity
  • Update: New Nextend settings options to make the license key authorization work with wrong server configuration
  • Update: Youtube URLs can have variables too


  • Fix: Issue with Visual Composer PHP 5.4 and lower
  • Fix: Missing alt tags from icons
  • Fix: Input elements were not focused when touch enabled
  • Fix: Close tag algorithm for HTML item changed to PHP Tidy


  • Fix: Less warning on PHP 5.5 and lower


  • Fix: Increased CURL import timeout to 30 seconds
  • Fix: Touch issue on OSX


  • Feature: Copy/paste layers with right click
  • Feature: Default slide background fill mode can be changed on slider basis
  • Feature: Slide editor right click: for layers, fonts, styles and animations in timeline
  • Feature: Middle click on slides in the left sidebar (edit slider view) opens the slide editor on new tab
  • Feature: Slide middle click open slide link in new page
  • Feature: Option to show on the slide's thumbnail if the slide is a video slide
  • Feature: Discover Smart Slider 3 window on first use with tutorial video
  • Feature: Slide CSS option to Simple slider type
  • Feature: Text generator
  • Feature: Background image retina options
  • Feature: Improved drag/touch handling
  • Feature: Minimum gap option between carousel slides
  • Feature: Weaker CSS selectors option to avoid overwriting another plugin's CSS what you put inside the slider
  • Feature: Hide page overflow if you only want your site to be the size of your full page slider
  • Feature: Browser scroll fix (Full page) - if you can see a scroller sized empty area in your Full page slider, turn this on
  • Feature: Visual Composer Smart Slider element added, compatibility with frontend editor
  • Feature: Elegant themes - Divi theme - module for Smart Slider
  • Fix: MAC numeric pad hotkeys
  • Fix/Update: Jevents generator
  • Fix/Update: EasySocial generator
  • Fix: Lightbox Vimeo on https websites
  • Fix: Custom posts conflict
  • Fix: Arrow fix on RTL
  • Fix: Slider can now appear correctly when used in tabs or lightbox
  • Fix: Backend display issue in older Safari versions
  • Fix: Full page slider backend editor for different devices
  • Fix: YouTube and Vimeo fix for iOS
  • Fix: multiple background video sizes in one slider
  • Fix: Smooth Theme visual editor compatibility fix
  • Update: Modified date variable at the WordPress Post generator
  • Update: Youtube layer's start option will be able to handle generator variables


  • Feature: Undo and redo in slide editor
  • Feature: Add video option will accept HTML videos too
  • Feature: HTML video preload options
  • Feature: Prefix tag for the HTML App
  • Feature: Quick Edit option for slide names, descriptions and links
  • Feature: Split Text In animation goes to Timeline
  • Fix: Centered slider on mobiles
  • Fix: Chrome layout z-index
  • Fix: Encoding error on some servers - image manager doesn't work, create slider, create slide didn't work correctly
  • Fix: JetPack - Infinite scroll conflict solved
  • Fix: Joomla image constant renamed to avoid conflict with Koowa plugin.
  • Fix: Layout saving layer order
  • Fix: Magento minor backend CSS modification
  • Fix: Nhtml class renamed to avoid conflict with Langwitch WordPress theme.
  • Fix: Showcase slider type - vertical slide distance
  • Fix: Spectrum JS conflict with WordPress Nimble Portfolio plugin
  • Fix: Static save on generator slides
  • Fix: Yoast SEO compatibility
  • Fix: Removed PHP7 depreciated warnings
  • Update: EasyBlog generator exclude id option
  • Update: Images in folder ordering
  • Update: Installation includes a sample slider if you don't have any sliders from previous installations
  • Update: License key link
  • Update: Partial traditional Chinese language file added - Thanks, Howard!
  • Update: The functionality of the Autoplay options combined with the Autoplay button are changed/improved to be more logical.


  • Feature: Title attribute for slide background image
  • Feature: YouTube layer hide controls
  • Fix: Joomla 3.4.7 session logout on administrator page
  • Fix: PageLines5 plugin conflict on WordPress
  • Fix: Responsive mode - Full-page issue between landscape/portrait change
  • Experimental: JavaScript callbacks


  • Feature: Hide license key
  • Feature: Restore slider - delete slider with the slider ID and adds the .ss3 file to that ID
  • Feature: Joomla image path detection from media component
  • Feature: Split text in animation is now marked on the timeline and the delay can be changed
  • Fix: Fullscreen control missing position variable
  • Fix: Showcase slider type slide distance parameter fixed in vertical mode
  • Fix: Simple type reversed parallax improvement
  • Fix: Layout load z-index issue
  • Fix: Convert dynamic slides to static slides


  • Feature: Accessibility for links in the slider
  • Feature: WordPress error message on install when no MySQL rights to create table
  • Feature: WordPress - Nextend global settings are placed under the Settings menu
  • Feature: Adaptive font size switch moved to the expert mode
  • Fix: WordPress - conflict with Page Links To resolved
  • Fix: Ajax error when ob_gzhandler enabled fixed
  • Fix: Instagram had changed API accessibility for their new APIs. The old APIs will be changed to new ones in June 2016, so you should create a new API, and request a new token in our backend's Global Settings.
  • Fix: Autoplay looping fixed
  • Fix: Joomla CURL issue fixed
  • Fix: See through slide issue in Free version
  • Fix: Carousel slider type conflict with static slide in the editor
  • Fix: Joomla last thumbnail wasn't visible, because of SEF plugin


  • Feature: Joomla HTTP proxy supported
  • Feature: Auto-update checker can be disabled
  • Fix: Joomla - Zoo generator
  • Update: A new advanced generator function to find links inside texts
  • Fix: WordPress multisite wrong sliders across different sites. (Cache related issue)
  • Fix: Responsive device mode portrait and landscape
  • Fix: Help beacon on https admin site
  • Fix: Missing layer hide/show icon added to free version
  • Fix: Heading layer's font changed from "paragraph" type to "hover" type as it is more suitable.
  • Fix: Slide duplication fail when it has generator.


  • Fix: Joomla module class suffix was missing
  • Update/Fix: Jevents generator
  • Fix: When a layer in a static slide was over an arrow control, the arrow wasn't clickable
  • Fix: Full page responsive mode didn't watch browser height
  • Update: Free version maximum slide count removed, in full version default value increased
  • Fix: Youtube playlist count was limited to 5
  • Fix: HTML App updated, config.php file's code will be able to avoid security token mismatch


  • Fix: Maximum slider height issue
  • Fix: Static slide duplication made duplicated layers
  • Fix: Update for WordPress multisite bug
  • Feature: Update indicator will automatically check for update once per week
  • Feature: Joomla module is linking to the selected slider
  • Update: Magento installer is only one tgz file from now


  • Feature: Maximum slide width for portrait and landscape views.
  • Feature: Publish HTML for the HTML platform
  • Feature: Async option will load our javascript code after jQuery has loaded on your site, even if jQuery is in the footer.
  • Fix: When cache folder is not writable possible solutions displayed
  • Fix: When play first slide animations disabled the animations might play



  • Feature: Maximum slide width for tablet and mobile devices too.
  • Feature: Constrain slider height for the previous option, to always have the same slider size ratio when you make your slides smaller for smaller views.
  • Update: New shortcodes (the old ones will work too)


  • Fix: Protocol-relative-url bug in control image selection
  • Fix: Full-screen control
  • Feature: Arrow, autoplay and full-screen icons are colorable
  • Feature: Slider list ordering


  • Fix: Jevents generator
  • Fix: MySQL error when MyISAM mode not available
  • Magento fix: There has been an error processing your request - Invalid action /. Valid format controller/method
  • Feature: More complex parallax options
  • Joomla feature: module class suffix
  • Update: Replaced SVG images because of common server misconfiguration


  • Fix: In certain Joomla websites the CSS and JS files weren't called in into our backend
  • Fix: License key deauthorize didn't work
  • Fix: Export as HTML body tag was missing
  • Fix: Export as HTML had wrong image paths
  • Fix: Force full-width fix in rare cases
  • Fix: Import demo slider
  • Feature: Layer image optimization option to automatically have smaller images for smaller screens
  • Feature: Base64 encoding option for smaller images
  • Feature: Ken Burns strength to define how much do you want to move and scale your images



3.0.6 - Joomla

  • Fix: Global configuration cache caused application is not available problem


  • Fix: Minor bugfixes


  • Fix: Notification if the curl is not enabled on the server (it is required for example to add the license code)
  • Feature: Protocol relative URLs
  • Feature: RSEvents!Pro generator
  • Fix: The Pre-load slider feature now checks if pre-loaded slider is used in the page


  • Fix: Thumbnail control CSS theme conflict
  • Fix: Blank page on frontend
  • Fix: Webfont loader fix
  • Fix: Admin area fix where wrong url-encoding could prevent to access to different admin areas (Slider delete, preview) on several PHP configurations


  • Official release

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