Download area - Domain management, invoice, cancel subscription


After you have purchased one of our products, you will be able to download and manage your previous orders. Firstly please, Login to our site.

You will see the products you will be able to download from us in there, also some extra information.

Package name

You can find the name of the package you have here. If you hover over the ? sign, you'll be able to learn some extra information about your package.


You can download Smart Slider 3 Pro from here. Be sure to select the correct installer from the dropdown first!

Purchase History

You can find your purchase history here. If you have upgraded your package, you'll find all packages here, with the date of purchase.

If you have or had subscriptions too, you will see a list of them in here.


This is where you can download your invoices.

Active Install & Deactivation

You can learn how many domains you can activate Smart Slider 3 on and how many you've already activated. You can also learn if you've used up your yearly deactivation limit. The activated packages can be deactivated below.

Quick links

Here you can find some useful links to get started.