WordPress - alternative update

Your sliders will remain after following the alternative update process!

Update on admin panel

Step 1

Go to your  Plugins list and deactivate and delete your current Smart Slider 3 installation. Don't worry, your sliders will stay!

If you would have a problem, where you don't even see Smart Slider 3 on your Plugins list, you should delete its folder with everything in it from FTP:

Free version:
\wp-content\plugins\ smart-slider-3\
Pro version:
\wp-content\plugins\ nextend-smart-slider3-pro\
(We suggest making a backup, to be sure you are deleting the correct folder.)

Step 2 

Download the  smartslider3-wordpress-3.x.x.zip from our website. (Or the free version from here.)

Step 3

Go to your Plugins → Add new → Upload Plugin and browse the smartslider3-wordpress-3.x.x.zip.

Step 4

Press Install Now, and if the installation was successful, click on Activate Plugin.

Step 5

Now you will see the Smart Slider 3 Pro plugin appearing in your plugins list. After activating it, you will see the Smart Slider menupoint appearing in your left WordPress menu.

If the installation wasn't successful, try out the Update through ftp method instead.

Update through ftp

Step 1

Go to your  Plugins list and deactivate and delete your current Smart Slider 3 installation. Don't worry, your sliders will stay!

Step 2

Download the  smartslider3-wordpress-3.x.x.zip from our  website. (Or the free version from here.)

Step 3

Unzip it into your computer. 

Step 4

Upload the unzipped nextend-smart-slider3-pro folder to your website's ftp, to the wp-content\plugins\ folder. 

Step 5

Go back to your backend, and activate the Nextend Smart Slider 3 Pro plugin. 

The cache should automatically refresh, but if you see some problems, press that Clear cache button!

To make the update run correctly the plugin must be deactivated and deleted before the files of the new version are uploaded.