Interface - Slider settings

This is where you can find the slider's settings.

You can find the settings for your slider's functionality here, such as the slider size, font sizes, autoplay settings, etc...


Some basic configuration options for your slider. 

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The base size of your slider, also in expert mode you can see other sizes, which can help you to create new layouts on your slides for every possible responsive situations. If you use the slider first time, you won't need them, but if you are more experienced, check out this documentation to understand the whole process better.

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Your slider can switch automatically if you use Autoplay.

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Layer animations

You can put layers on your slides, and these layers can have animations on them, what you can configure with these options.

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Here are the slider specific optimization options. You can find some more options here.

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Here you can find settings affecting how your slider will load into your website.

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Options affecting all of your slides, like randomization or turning on the lightbox for every background image.

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Options mostly for developers, which are affecting your website or the core funcionality of our settings.

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