Interface - Slider options

Here are the options which don't affect the functionality, only the slider as a whole. You can find these settings at the Slider settings page.

Quick Edit - Slides

You can quickly edit the title, description and link of your slides.

Clear slider cache

Our slider is working from cache files to make them as fast loading as possible. You will only need to use this button after updating the Smart Slider, or to get new generator contents sooner than the cache expiration time.

Export slider as HTML

You have the option to export your slider as a html, css and javascript file, also your images will be exported too, so you can use the slider you created in any kind of website. You can see  here, how you can publish this slider.


You can export your slider with this option. It will create a .ss3 file, what you can import to any website with Smart Slider 3 on it. If you want to export all of your sliders, you could use the Export all slider option too.

Duplicate slider

If you want to create a slider with the same settings, slides and everything, than click on this option.

Delete slider

If you don't need your slider anymore, you can delete it.