Interface - Secondary navigation bar - Expert mode

A closer look on the Secondary navigation bar:


This button takes you back to the new dashboard.


This is how your slider looks like with the current settings. So you can select some settings to check them out here how they would look on your slider but nothing will be saved until you click on save.

Simple / Expert switcher

Smart Slider 3 has tons of options, and you won't use most of them. We tried to make your slider creation easier by giving this option which will make our back-end to show only the important options when it is in Simple mode, and if it's in Expert mode, you will see every option. In the documentation, those parts which are only visible in expert mode will be marked with an Expert sign.

The Expert switcher is available in the PRO version only!

This is where your notifications will be. If you are just learning to use our back-end, it can be useful, but after a while you can check in the Show only errors option. This way you will only see those notifications you need to see.