Interface - Slide manager

This is where you can add slides to your slider, and manage the existing ones.

Slide ordering

You can change your slide's order by drag'n'dropping them.

Bulk selection

You can select more of your slides together, and choose to delete, publish or unpublish them. The selected action happens immediately, you don't need to save anything, click on Cancel when you are done.

Published and unpublished slide
Published slide

It has a small green thick on the right bottom corner. The slide thumbnail is fully visible.

Unpublished slide

It has a small red x on the right bottom corner. It's opacity is also lower (so it's more transparent).

To publish on unpublish a slide, click on the green thick or red x and its status will be changed.
Ajax loading screen

If you have checked the bulk selection tool, or unpublished/published your slider, you could see a loading screen, which showed you that something was happening without having to reload the page. At the bulk selection it was a saving action, but later for example at the Controls it will be a loading action.

New slide button

  • Add image slide - This option will make a slide from the selected image. You can also add these kind of slides by simply drag n' dropping your image files into this Slide manager sidebar. (It will become the background image.)
  • Add images - The same as the previous option.
  • Add video - This option will create a slide from the given YouTube or a Vimeo video.
  • Add post - This option will create a slide from one of your articles. (This won't be dynamic. If you want to see the changes you will make later to this source, you should use the Create dynamic slides button.)
  • Create static slide - This option will create a static slide, which means, that it will be always over your slider and slides, and it won't switch away.
    Static slides can only be added if there is at least one non-static slide in your slider.
  • Create empty slide - This option will create an empty slide. You should use this if you want to make a customized slide with layers and more animations.
  • Create dynamic slides - This option will create slides from the selected source, such as from your articles. Read more →
Demo sliders

Would you like to see some example on how the static slides are working on real sliders? Check out these demo sliders:

Slide list

You have the option to reorder your slides by drag 'n dropping them. You can set one of your slides to be shown first, also you can duplicate or delete them.

Slide options

  • Duplicate - duplicates the current slide
  • Copy - copies the current slide
  • Publish - publishes the current slide
  • Unpublish - unpublishes the current slide so it won't be visible in preview or on the live site
  • Edit generator - if it's a dynamic slide, you can edit the generator from here
  • Set as first - sets the slider as first without having to move it to the first position. The slide on its right will be the second slide.
  • Delete - deletes the current slider

Quick slide creation

You can quickly create slides by drag'n'dropping the images from your computer to the slide list