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You can find the Size tab in here.



Your slider has the possibility to scale it just up or just down, or both ways, but that would be the same, as the Fullwidth responsivity. The slider scales up just to fill its container, so it will be only as big as the container you put it in.

Responsive - Auto width


  • Down scale - This option lets your slider be smaller, than the given slider size.
  • Up scale - This option lets your slider be bigger, than the given slider size.

If you your slider's width will be for example 1000px, on a tablet the slider's width won't be 1000px without these options, but it will be 700px with the default 70% value in the Global Settings - Default width percentage. So if you don't want upscale and downscale, but you want your slider to only have 1000px width, you need to change those default values to 100%. Also if you would just use the downscale, your slider won't look 1000px wide on a 1000px wide tablet, but still just 700px, and it can get smaller from that.

Slider height
  • Min height - Minimum height for your slider not to let it go too small. These values are based on the slider's size, so for example if you want to have 500px minimum height, that is: 500 / slider height * slider width
  • Max height - Maximum height for your slider not to let it go too big.
If you're using these settings, the slider and canvas size will differ after a given size. This means the layers won't be able to cover the whole slider area anymore!

Layers are placed inside the slide canvas, so if you put a layer to be at the bottom of the slide canvas, then use minimum slider height feature, the slide canvas height and slider height might not be the same under every responsive scenario.


Slider size: 1200x500px. The slide canvas is marked with the dark area layer, and the heading layer is positioned to the bottom of it.

840px slider width without minimum height 840px slider width with 500px minimum height
Slide width

Maximum width not to let your slides to go too wide. (This will only restrain the width of the layers, but the background image will still strech out to 100% width.)