Interface - Slider settings

You can find here the settings of the slider, where you can customize and setup how your sliders will show the slides, and how they should behave. If you want to know more about some functionality, check out it's documentation:

  • Slide manager

    This is where you can manage your slides, order them, choose which one should come first, etc.

  • Secondary navigation bar

    Here you can check out how your slider looks with the current settings, also you can save on it, etc.

  • Slider options

    There are some options what you can do with your whole slider, like exporting, duplicating, deleting it, etc.

  • Slider settings

    You can see the publishing options here, and the settings of your slider. These will decide how your slider will function, what kind of main animations there will be, which responsive options should it use, etc.

  • Controls

    These are mostly for controlling the slider, like arrows, thumbnail, but there are also some other ones, like the text bar is showing your slides' names.