Inteface - Dashboard (Main page)

You can reach our main page by clicking on the Smart Slider menupoint:

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Main navigation bar


This menu point will lead to this Main page, where you can see all of your sliders, also you can start creating new ones there.


Here are the Global Settings, which will be applied for all sliders.


You can find videos and link to our documentation. Also you can reach our support from here, and you can subscribe to our newsletter.

Main area

This is a list of your sliders. Also you can create new sliders here. You can even import from our template library.

You can reorder your sliders by drag 'n dropping them. Also you have an "Order by" option. With the select option you can pick some of your sliders, and Delete, Duplicate or Export them.

Slider groups

Dashboard options

Here is where you can import your exported sliders. You can activate your Smart Slider 3 Pro in here, and check for updates.