Image layer

You can put images into your slides with this layer.


The URL of the image. The base address of the website will be marked with a $ sign to make it easier to move from one host to another. For example: → $/myimage.jpg

You can add an url, or pick from the given  link options, where you can find lightbox or slide switching options. Also you can choose if you want to open up your link in a new page or in the current one. And there are rel attribute options too.


The alt text of the image. Write something, that is related to your image here to have better SEO.


If you write something here, then by hovering over the image this text will appear.

Width and height Expert

This is where you can set your image's fix size.

Optimize Expert

You can turn off the Layer image optimization for this image.

CSS Class Expert

You can add a custom css class, that will be on the img tag.