Multiple records in one slide

This tutorial is for the pro version as the Group result option is not available in the free version!

With this tutorial, you can have multiple generator content in one single slide.

Click on Create slider
Click on the small arrow in the end of the Add image slide and choose Create dynamic slides.
Browse the folder where your images are, set the slide number, and at the Record option, set the Group result to the number of the content you want to have in one slide.

If you wouldn't see the Group result option using the pro version, turn on the Expert mode on your slider!
Click on the newly generated slide. You will see a simple slide edit view, but when you hover over the input boxes, you will see a $ mark appearing. Add an image layer, go to the Item tab, hover over the image source field, and click on the $ sign.

In the appearing window, choose the group you would like to display the content and choose the image variable. I choose the first group, as this is the first image I would like to display.

Duplicate this image layer twice and add the second and third image sources.
Now all our images are in the slide, put them into the position you would like to have them, and you are done.
If you have images that has different height, you can turn on the crop on the Layer tab.