Slider type - Block - Ken Burns effect

Turn on the  Expert mode to see the slider type selection!
You can find the General tab in here.

The Block slider type can only show one slide at a time. Because of this, it won't have controls and autoplay, so those parts, which could switch to other slides. This type is good, if you just want to make layer animations with one slide.

Demo sliders

Would you like to see some example on how the Block type sliders are look like on a real site? Check out these demo sliders:

Animation settings

Ken burns effect

The same effect, as the one at the Simple type.

Block type settings Expert

Slider background
  • Image - You can choose an image background for the whole slider. This will be behind the slides.
  • Fixed - With this option turned on, your image will be in a fix position, even when you scroll in your browser's window. (There is a limitation, that on mobile phones it won't be fixed, because a lot of phones doesn't handle this well.)
  • Size - The size of the background image. This can be any background-size CSS code value.
Background video

You can choose a background video for your slider. You can also choose the mute the video, make it repeat itself, and it can either fill the whole slider or it can fit into it by not covering the whole slider, if it has a different ratio, or be centered, if the video is smaller, than the slider.

You can only use mp4 videos and you cannot insert YouTube videos here!

You can write inline CSS codes here which will be added to the slider.