Icon layer

This is a PRO only layer!

There are some icons here, what you can use in your slider. These are svg images, which means, that the browser will draw them. The loading is faster than if you used images, and the quality is perfect with any screen size.


Here are the icons, what you can choose.

From version 3.2.4, the svg icons were replaced with font icons form Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linear icons, Material icons and Typicons.

The color of the icon in normal state

Hover color

The color of the icon when the mouse is over it

The hover color is not working in the slide editor, only in the Preview!

If you want to put a link into your icon, either just write the link there or click on the Link button, which offers a lightbox option too.

Width and height Expert

You can give a fix size to your icon or let it just be as big as its layer is to keep it responsive.