Copy a slide from one slider to another

This method works only form Smart Slider 3.2. If you have an older version, update your slider.
Heads up! If you're using Canvas mode at one of your sliders, make sure to copy slides to a slider, which has the exact same of the following settings:
  • slider type
  • slider size
  • slide size (in case of a Carousel or Showcase slider)

Copy a slide from the slider settings

You can use the bulk actions to copy a slide to a new slider.

After clicking on the Copy button, select the slider where you cant to copy your slide:

Copy the currently edited slide

Heads up! The slider's orignal content will be lost!
Right click on the canvas of the slide you want to copy. A menu will open. Click on "Copy slide".

Create a new empty slide, right click on its canvas and select "Paste slide." The layers and slide background will be inserted.