Why doesn't my generator slides show the new contents?

Generator slides only show the new contents, if in the Generator settings, the Cache expiration has past. Our slider works from cache, because if the cache expiration time is 24 hours, and let's say you get 100 visitors a day, who check 5 of your pages (which show this slider), then our slider will only go through the database once in a day, but if you set it to 0 to make your data appear immediately, then it will go through it all the 499 times. A slider isn't the main content, it's just to advertise them, so you shouldn't care about not having your contents there right when you create them, but if you don't care about sacrificing your pages' speed, then change the Cache expiration time to 0.

For more information, check out the Generator functionality documentation.

Also if you have cache in your website, it will cache our slider too, so the new content will be there after that cache is refreshed.