How can I use the slider with multilanguage plugins?

Multi-language plugins are working the way that you have your posts/pages in your editor with different languages, and your translation is the text you put into them. You should just duplicate your slider, translate its texts and use the different shortcodes in your different language pages/posts. So our slider doesn't have a translation option, but your plugin does!

In this documentation

qTranslate X

In qTranslate X you can use shortcodes to make the content inside them to be in the different languages. Use those shortcodes to have different sliders, for example you can create texts like this:

[:en]English Text[:de]Deutsch[:]

Which could be slider shortcode too:

[:en][smartslider3 slider=71][:de][smartslider3 slider=72][:]

Or the newer version has a switching button at your post, and enter the different slider shortcodes there:


From version 3.0.34 we support qTranslate X texts to be inside our slider like this too:

[:en]English Text[:de]Deutsch[:]

WPML + Post dynamic slide generator

To set up a post generator with WordPress Multilingual Plugin, you need to create your post slider, while you are logging in your backend in the language on which you want your slider to be.

Also there is a limitation, that you can only put your language depending post generator sliders on a page, which has the given language! Because for example if you choose to show posts from German posts, on an English page the post generator only have access to the English posts, so the number of German posts will return zero, and you won't have any slides.