Caption layer

This is a PRO only layer!

This is an image, which will show a text, when you hover over it with your mouse cursor.


The image of this layer.

Alt Expert

The alt text of the image. Give something appropiate to the image for better SEO.

  • Full - the text will slide in by covering the whole image.
  • Simple - the text will slide in, and it will cover just as much space as much the text needs.
  • Fade - a simple fading animation, which will cover the whole image. If you choose this the Direction won't change anything.

The direction of the animation.


If turned on, the image will be scaled up a bit.


The text of this layer.

Caption background

The background color of the text.

Description Expert

You can show more than just one text over your image.


You can add an url, or pick from the given  link options, where you can find lightbox or slide switching options. Also you can choose if you want to open up your link in a new page or in the current one. And there are rel attribute options too.

Optimize Expert

If turned on the Layer image optimization will optimize the image.