jSGCache problems

  • Slider doesn't work with jSGCache.

jSGCache, which is offered by Siteground hosting company, had an error in one of their versions, that it didn't saved down our cache file incallings, so it didn't worked with our slider. This was at 2015.02.12., and back then they didn't know where was the problem coming from, so this problem could be still happening. Until they figure it out, consider using one of Joomla's default caches. Try to contact them to ask what is going on, their cache should load the same files, what your website loads with this cache turned off. You can check that, if you right click on your website, while this cache is turned off, and choose View page source. Copy the whole thing, turn your cache back, and copy the page source like that too. Then paste both of them for example in here, where you should see, that the two files are identical.