Too many jQuery-s loading - Slider doesn't show up / doesn't work (Joomla)

Firebug error
  • Firebug error: Tooltip is not a function

You have more jQuery-s loading in your website, which causes an error in one of Joomla's core files. Usually this problem is caused by an old extension, so if you can find it, the best would be to eliminate that old code, or you can try the jQuery Easy extension, it is free, you just have to register. It gets all jQuery loading from the website, and loads only that one, which you pick. You can set it up in your ExtensionsPlugin ManagerSystem - jQuery EasyBasic Site Options. You can specify a jQuery version, or pick Joomla! framework, to load the one, which is in your website (this option is the best).

Smart Slider doesn't need jQuery UI, but some extensions might do, so you can pick one, or just check out your website with and without it.