Blank space, where the slider should be (Joomla)

  • The slider doesn't show up, it just creates an empty space.
JavaScript error

In  Chrome or Firefox press F12, click on Console and refresh the page. If you have a javascript error, this will write it out. From the url of the file you could figure out what plugin/extension or your theme/template is causing it. 

If you see  404 or other server errors  pointing to our cache files, that they couldn't load, then your cache folder is not writable. Usually in these cases the backend is messed up too, but your server host might have changed something after the installation of our slider, so the backend cache files were created, just the new ones can't be. Either way, you can solve that problem like this:

Slider duplication

If you are using the slider's article code and you don't have any JavaScript errors, it is possible that you are calling a slider that is already in your page called by a module. (Which is one of our limitations.) You should go to your Extensions → Modules and filter for Smart Slider 3 modules:

and turn them off. If you check your site now the slider will show up in your article where you placed the code. Enable the modules one by one or in small groups and when the slider in your article stops appearing you found the module which already calls it. You should simply disable the module in the said page.

Optimization extension

If you are using some Optimization extension, you should try to turn on the  Async, Minify and Merge options at our JavaScript settings, maybe turn on Async at the CSS settings too. These will call in our files differently and like that usually these extensions are skipping our files from their minification and other optimization process.