Blank space, where the slider should be (Joomla)

  • The slider doesn't show up, it just creates an empty space.
JavaScript error

In  Chrome or Firefox press F12, click on Console and refresh the page. If you have a javascript error, this will write it out. From the url of the file you could figure out what extension or your template is causing it.
If you see " module" or "mod" in the url, go to the Extensions -> Modules and unpublish all modules connected to the error causing extension (or contact their developers). If you see it pointing to a "plugin" or "plg", go to the Extensions -> Manage -> turn off all extensions connected to this error causing extension (or contact their developers). If the error points to your template, you probably want to solve that coding error. Since the file causing the error doesn't work anyway, you could try to comment out the entire file's text by adding /* in the beginning and */ in the end, or just make a backup of this file and delete the entire text from the original one. (But this could cause another error, so you should consider contacting the developers of the template instead.)

Too many jQuery-s are used

You might don't even see JavaScript errors, just the slider won't show up or you see JavaScript errors coming from us. You should right click on your website -> choose View page source -> search for the word "jquery". Check out which files have that word in their names. Some of them are fine, like "jquery-migrate" is not a jQuery library, but something else and you should rather search for jquery.js, jquery.min.js or with the version number in its name, like jquery-1.6.2.js. You should only have one jQuery library called in to your website and when these errors are happening, conflicts are usually caused by older jQuery-s, so try to eliminate every jQuery which is for example under 1.9.2 version. Probably a module calls it in from your Extensions -> Modules or your template and you can see here how you can search for words in your template, but probably if you open up the index.php file of your template, you will find this "jquery" word in it and you should remove this jQuery incalling.

Alternatively you could try to install jQuery Easy, which tries to remove all jQuery incallings from Joomla websites and make your site only load one, which you set up at the Extensions -> Plugins -> jQuery Easy -> Basic Site Options.

Slider duplication

If you see one of our sliders showing up, but not the other, you might be using the same slider. We have a limitation, that you can only have one slider once on a page, so make sure you don't have the same slider published multiple times! Go to your Extensions -> Modules -> filter out the Smart Slider 3 modules and check out what modules you have in your pages.

Optimization extension

If you are using some Optimization extension, you should try to turn on the  Async and Combine options at our JavaScript settings, maybe turn on Async at the CSS settings too. These will call in our files differently and like that usually these extensions are skipping our files from their minification and other optimization process.
If this won't help, go to your Extensions -> Plugins -> filter out the "system" plugin, where probably your optimization extension will be and try to turn off that extension just to see if that is causing your problem. Then probably it has exclusion options and you could try to exclude our modules from its optimization. You could also try to change the order in this system plugins list, because this is the order of how files are loading into your website and sometimes that solves problems, when our Nextend Smart Slider 3 and Nextend2 Library plugins are moved before or after other system plugins.