500 - Internal server error (Joomla)

  • 500 - Internal server error message at any point in your website.

If you have this problem, it means, that the timeout settings in your host is too low, so you should contact your server host to help to resolve it. 99% that this will be your problem, but there can be some other causes too:

It can be caused by the misconfiguration of the .htaccess file in your root folder, but this is less likely (if you changed the htaccess file, you know about it). If you changed it, you should try to put back the original one, and if you already had that one, then you can try to comment the Options +FollowSymLinks:

#Options +FollowSymLinks

You can also try to remove the comment (# sign) from the # RewriteBase / code:

RewriteBase /

If your website is in a subfolder on your server, for example you can reach it here: http://mywebsite.com/subsite, then try out this at the RewriteBase:

RewriteBase /subsite