Slider only partially works/looks like in the preview (WordPress)

Possible errors
  • Some functionality doesn't work in the frontend, which is working on the backend preview.
  • Slider doesn't work in every browser.
  • Slider doesn't show up properly, some layers are missing, maybe controls are off too.
  • The changes in the Font Manager doesn't apply to the text even in the slide editor
  • The texts are different in the preview and in the frontend
Slider's shortcode is in code tags

Sometimes, when you are copying our shortcode the <code> tags are copied too, and when you paste them into your post or page, they will be pasted too, but these are sometimes messing up the slider, so you should switch your page or post editor to see the html code too, any remove any code tags, which you don't need from around the slider's shortcode.

HTML error

It can happend that you have some html error inside your slider. If you have used HTML control or HTML layer, or just wrote some html code inside some layers, probably this will be the case. You can confirm it for example in Firefox, if you right click on your website, choose View page source, look for our slider's code (search for texts you have written inside it, and you will also see a lot of "n2-ss" words used around there in the class names). Firefox is marking the not valid html codes with red letters, so if you see some red text inside your slider's code, the problem will come from there. Sometimes you can just go inside that slide, delete the layer, but if your html error is too big, you can't use the editor either and you will have to delete the whole slide.

Custom HTML codes

If you are using custom HTML codes in a HTML layer or within the text layer, it can happen, that these codes are containing inline codes to modify the text size or its color, and because of that, our codes aren't applying to them. It most likely happens if your custom HTML code is containing a style attribute.

The texts are different in the site than in the preview

It can happen that your theme is overriding the fonts coming from our files. You should check it out using your browsers developer tools.

Texts are too large on mobile

If you used the size modifier to make the fonts smaller / larger on mobile, but they don't look like the setting you made, it can happen that your theme is overriding your settings with some code. You should check it out using your browsers developer tools.