Empty space, where the slider should be (WordPress)


The slider takes up the space, where you put it, but it doesn't show up.

Possible problems

JavaScript error in the page

In Chrome or Firefox press F12, click on Console and refresh the page. If you have a javascript error, this will write it out. From the url of the file you could figure out what plugin/extension or your theme/template is causing it. 

If you see 404 or other server errors pointing to our cache files, that they couldn't load, then your cache folder is not writable. Usually in these cases the backend is messed up too, but your server host might have changed something after the installation of our slider, so the backend cache files were created, just the new ones can't be. Either way, you can solve that problem like this:

Go to your theme's header.php file, open it, and search for for wp_head(). If you can't find it, put it right before the closing head tag:

<?php wp_head(); ?>

Then open your theme's footer.php file, and look for wp_footer(). If you can't find it, put it right before the closing body tag.

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Website stopped before it should

Right click on your site, choose View page source, and scroll down to the very bottom of your page. You should see the ending of your website:


If this is not what you see, check what has the last code. From the classes and ids, or the texts surrounding it you could figure it out what plugin/extension's module do you have there. That is what's causing a PHP error, or you have a server limitation reached, like the memory_limit. You could try to make your website write out the error like this:

Write this code inside your  wp-config.php file right under the <?php part:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set("log_errors", 1);
ini_set("error_log", dirname(__FILE__)."/php-error.log");

then go to your website, and check the very bottom of your page. Sometimes you can't see the message on the frontend, because it's behind something, or it's hidden, so you could right click, and check the page's source again, the very bottom of it. Also a php-error.log file should appear in the root folder of your site (  http://example.com/php-error.log ), what you could check too. If you don't see any errors, and on your other pages you have the same issue, that you don't see the end of the code in the end, then the problem will be your theme, that something might have been accidentelly deleted.

Wrong HTML structure

If you wrote a custom theme/template, or modified your existing one, it is common, that the HTML structure is wrong, like the ending </head> is missing, or some other bigger html error exists, for example the <body> tag is there twice. If you right click on your website, choose View page source, then you could watch through the code, making sure, that you have a correct HTML structure with these tags:


Or a  HTML validator could point out these errors too, just that shows every minor "errors", which aren't really causing any problems, and it can be hard to see it through, finding the important mistakes.

The images are missing

It can happen, that the images are missing for some reason. The most common issues are that the images does not exist on the place where they are called in from (probably they were in a development site, which was deleted, or from some other external URL where they're not available anymore). What you could do is to go to your slider, open up a slide which does not display, and copy the image source:

Then paste it to your browser, and try to open it. If you get anything else but the image, then you should upload the image into your site, and load it to the slider, or simply change the image source.

In this case, it is possible that your slider shows the "images are not available" message instead of the images.