Global settings - Fonts


  • Default family - This is the default font family on every text.
  • Preset font families - These are those font families, which appear in the Preset dropdown list inside the Font manager, so if you would like to change them or add to them, just go ahead, one line is one font (Use ' signs around the font's name if there is a space character in it.)


  • Enabled You can turn off the Google Font loading, if you just want to use basic fonts, and this will increase the speed of your website a little bit.
    • Frontend 3.3.4 Disables Google Fonts on the frontend only.
    • Backend 3.3.4 Disables Google Fonts on the backend only
  • Style - These are the font weights and font decoration styles, which are the options with google fonts, and you should choose those, which you want to load.
  • Character set - The character set options, what google offers. If your language's text needs special characters, use these.