Adobe Create SDK - Aviary

Aviary will be deprecated by Adobe in 2018. They won't even accept new API creation, so this process won't work anymore. You can learn more about this here.

To be able to use the Aviary image editing tool, you will have to create an Application.

To enter you API key, go to the Global settings or the Nextend settings and select the Adobe Creative SDK - Aviary menu.

  1. Register, then login to Adobe.
  2. After you have logged in press New Integration in here.
  3. Leave the Access an API to be selected and press Continue.
  4. Choose Creative SDK and Continue.
  5. Leave it on New Integration and Continue.
  6. The Name and Description can be anything.
  7. The Platform should stay on Web.
  8. The Default redirect URI should be a https address to your website. Don't worry if your website is not on https, it still will be good. Example:
  9. The Redirect URI pattern can be the same address, just you could give a pattern. It has to be a https link, and put \\ signs before every . sign. For example: https://example\\.com
  10. Check in the Captcha, that you are not a robot.
  11. Press Create Integration.
  12. Press Continue to Integration details.
  13. Copy and paste your API Key (Client ID) and Client secret into our backend and Save on it.
Images from your localhost are not working with Aviary!

Now you'll be able to use the Aviary image editor when you go to your slides.

How to ask for access to high resolution API?

If you will click the button we put there, it will open up an email with a short message we wrote.

You just need to enter your Client ID and Client Secret. Also they will ask about the pricing informations of where do you want to use it, so you could tell them, that you want to use it in a slider program, and to get access to their API, you needed to purchase the whole slider, so it's not just a price aimed at the image editor. And you might need to share our pricing table too:

Then they are also usually asking for how it looks like in the backend, where you need to insert the API key and secret, and also they will need an image from the editor, so they would see, that they are marked on them with the "Creative Cloud Connected" logo, and just with their name. So these are the two images you probably need to send: