Global settings - General settings

Show help beacon

In the bottom right corner you can see a beacon, which is connected to our documentation and support system. You can use it to look for some option, or to write a support ticket to us. If you don't want it there, just turn it off.

Show discover modal

You can decide whether to show the Discover Smart Slider video after an update or re-install.

Automatic update check

You can decide whether you would like to get a notification on the updates or not. The updates will be checked once a week, and the notification will be shown until the update is done.

Translate url

If you developed the site in another domain, you can change the image URLs from the old, developer site to the new, live site. For example:

Translate url From value Translate url To value
// //
Image urls
URl at the Backend URL on the Frontend

Editor - additional CSS files

You can call in your css files into our admin area to load codes, which are only loading in the frontend of your website, but you want to see them in our editor too. The file incalling looks like this:

<link rel='stylesheet' href='[YOUR URL]' type='text/css' media='all' />

so give the whole url pointing to your css file.

Hardware acceleration on sliders

With the translate3d CSS code the hardware acceleration can be forced, which will make the animations smoother. If you see your slider flicker, turn this option off.

Send slide as file

On some server settings, you might experience issues when you are trying to save your slides. You can turn on this option to make your server accept the changes you made.

Open preview in new window

Whether or not your slider's preview should be opened up in a new window, or in your editor. Even if you turn this option off, you can open up your slider's preview on a new page by clicking on the Preview button using your mouse scroller.

Render sliders as iframe in AJAX calls 3.3.6

This feature tries to identify when a page is called via AJAX and loads Smart Slider 3 from an iframe instead. While we don't really support Smart Slider 3 in AJAX environment this feature should work in most cases.

Lightbox - Mobile - Open embeds on new tab

Mobile phones often disable autoplaying videos which have sound, which causes unplayable videos. To avoid such problems we open these videos using the phone's YouTube app by default.

Disabling this option will force all videos to load in the lightbox even on mobile. (It might result not being able to play the video.)

YouTube privacy enhanced mode 3.3.4

Enables YouTube's Privacy enhanced mode.

Smooth scroll speed 3.3.7

You can change the speed of the scroll to feature. This value is used for every slider you create.

WordPress only settings

Show editor icon

In WordPress you can choose if you want to show the Smart Slider icon at your posts and pages.

Show in WordPress admin bar

In WordPress you can choose if you want to show the Smart Slider menuitem on your top admin menu.

YOAST SEO sitemap - add images

Adds the images to Yoast SEO's sitemap

WordPress - Create widget area

Automatically creates the specified amount of widget areas to provide an easy way to publish the slider.

Joomla only settings

Run content plugins on sliders

You can exclude certain plugins from running their codes on the slider. This can be useful to prevent plugin conflicts.

Force Joomla RTL backend

You can change Smart Slider 3's backend to RTL.