Font manager

The font manager appears, when you enter any "font" setting. (For example what you see at the Heading layer, or at the Bar control.)

Font set

To manage your fonts, you will need a font set. They contain a group of your fonts. For example you can have a font set called "red", where you can store your fonts with red color. You will already see some default ones created by us, and if you click on Manage, you can rename, delete it, or add a new one.

You can't rename or delete the default font sets.


When you click the Font button, you will see two Apply options.


If you click on the Apply button, the selected font settings will be only applied on the current text.

Apply as linked

If you click on the Apply as linked button, then your font will be saved in the Font manager, and everywhere, where you use this font with the Apply as linked button, those fonts will be linked to this font's settings; so if you change it later, this font will be changed everywhere.


In the preview you will see the changes you make, in the text view with an example text, and in the link view with your text.

Font settings


Some font families picked by us. You can change them in the Nextend Settings → Fonts.


This is the font-family. Our system automatically recognizes google fonts, so you won't need any code, just write the name of your font here. You can give fallback fonts seperated by commas. For more specific google font settings go to the Nextend Settings → Fonts.


The color of the text. You can choose from our color picker, or just paste a hex color, and it will change to our color code.


The size of your font. If you use percentage, 100% will be 16px.

Line height

The line height of your text.


The text-decoration of your text.

Text align

The text-align of your text.

Text shadow

The text-shadow of your text.

Extra CSS

If you can't find an option to style something in your font, you can write the css code here.

For example if you want to specify the font weight, just paste that here: font-weight:700;

Empty font

If you want your font to come from your theme/template, you have the option not to style the fonts, just click on the x button, and you will see the word Empty there. In this case, the font will have inherit for every css style, which means that the font applied to the parent element, where you put your slider, will be used for this font too.

This font responsivity won't be managed by our slider, so if you want it to be responsive, you will have to write your own css code.

Font size

Defaultly the sliders' fonts will have the size, what you give them in the Font manager, they will get smaller with the slider's width, and the minimum font size will be 4px. If you change to view, you will see that 4px minimum font size, and you can change it. If you want to make your fonts more responsive, you can also make them change based on the Advanced responsivity.