Area layer

This is a PRO only layer!

An empty item, which fills up its layer. This was created because of two reasons:

  • To let you give background colors to the layers.
  • To help you use the slide events better. For example if you want to create an animation, which should be triggered by hovering the left side of your slide, you can put a area there, give it a transparent background, and you can enter your event's name into the Event on mouseenter field.
Background color

You can set your area item's background color here.

Gradient 3.1.1

You can add a gradient color to the area alyer.

Width & height

You can enter a fix size for your area layer.

If the size is given here, the area won't be responsive!
Custom CSS

You can enter custom CSS codes here.


You can set a border to the area item.


You can add an url, or pick from the given  link options, where you can find lightbox or slide switching options. Also you can choose if you want to open up your link in a new page or in the current one. And there are rel attribute options too.