Video layer

This is a PRO only layer!

You can show a video uploaded to your site or to another one via ftp, inside an HTML video tag.

If you want your video to cover the whole slide as a background, use the Background video option.
MP4 video

Links to your mp4 video. OGG and WebM formats are deprecated, as if some browser doesn't support MP4, they won't support the other two formats either.

Cover image

The poster poster attribute of the HTML video tag.

Chrome started to change how it handles video poster tags and sometimes it doesn't seem to be used. Currently that solution seems to work if you set the Preload option to metadata. For some people using png images instead of jpg images also solved the problem.
Fill mode

You can choose how the video's sizing should be inside the video element:

  • Fill: The video will cover the entire video area. This means if the video's and its element's ratio will be different, parts of the video will be cut off.
  • Fit: The entire video will stay completely visible. If the video's and its element's ratio will be different, there will be empty space, where the video cannot reach.

The volume of your video.

  • Auto - the video will load when the slider loads, even if the slide which has the video is not visible
  • Metadata - the video won't load if the slide which has it is not visible, just a "placeholder" will load instead of the video, so it will speed up your website's loading.
  • None - the video won't start loading until some user interaction happens which starts the video

You can choose either to show the controls or not.


If you turn this on, your video will start playing when you go to its slide, and it will stop when you go to another.

Learn about browser's autoplaying limitations here.
Centered off, on

If your layer has a different ratio, than your video, then it will be smaller to fit the whole video into it's space. However, if you turn this option on, it will scale the video up so that it will cover the whole layer, and the video will be centered.


With this option you can make your video start over when it's done.3

Reset when slide changes

If it's turned off, and you switch away from your video, it will only pause, but if you turn this on, it will reset the video to 0 sec.

Pause on scroll

You can set the video's behavior on scroll.

  • Never: The video will not be paused regardless of the slider's visibility
  • When partly visible: The video will be paused when at least 1px of it is not visible. Scrolling back to the video will continue the play.
  • When not visible? The video will be paused when none of it is visible. Scrolling back to the video will continue the play.