YouTube layer

You can put YouTube videos into your slides.

If you want your video to cover the whole slide as a background, use the Background video option. YouTube videos can't be used as slide background videos!
YouTube URL or Video ID

The link to your YouTube video.

Cover image

Smart Slider 3 will automatically create a cover image from the link you gave to it, but if you want your image of choice to appear, you can also upload an image to cover your Youtube video, and if you click on it, it will disappear, and the video will start to play.

Pause on scroll 3.3.4

You can set the video's behavior on scroll.

  • Never: The video will not be paused regardless of the slider's visibility
  • When partly visible: The video will be paused when at least 1px of it is not visible. Scrolling back to the video will continue the play.
  • When not visible? The video will be paused when none of it is visible. Scrolling back to the video will continue the play.
Start time

The time in seconds where the video starts from.

End time 3.3.12

The time in seconds where the video ends.


If you don't want your video to be as loud as it is default, change this value.

YouTube now checks whether the current user muted the videos in their last session on YouTube and might adjust the sound accordingly. If the user muted the video on YouTube, YouTube will automatically serve the video without sound and you can't override that.

If this option is turned on, then your video will start automatically, when you switch to this slide, and it will stop, when you switch away.

Learn about browser's autoplaying limitations here.

You can hide the controls and the video time bar from the bottom of the video if you turn off this option.

Centered on (left) and Centered off (right)

If your layer has a different ratio, than your video, then it will be smaller to fit the whole video into its space. However, if you turn this option on, it will scale the video up so that it will cover the whole layer, and the video will be centered. The controls and the video title will be hidden.


With this option you can make your video start over, when it's done.

You can disable the YouTube logo from the player. The logo will still show up when the video is paused or when the mouse is over it.

Hide YouTube logo turned on (right) and off (left) during the playing video.
Reset when slide changes Pro

Makes the video start again when the visitor comes back to the slide.

The old "Related" feature is deprecated by YouTube. As of September 25th, 2018 you can't remove the related videos from embedded videos.

When turned on YouTube will show related videos that are from the same channel as the video that was just played.

When turned off the related videos will be displayed from any channel.

Play button Expert

If you turn this on, you will have a play button over your cover image.

Play button width, height Expert

You can add a size to your play button. The original image can only stay round, so the width will only increase if the height was increased too, and the height will only increase, if the width was increased too. But if you give a "Play button image", that can have any size.

Play button image Expert

If you turn on the "Play button", you can change it's image.