Vimeo layer

You can put Vimeo videos into your slides.

If you want your video to cover the whole slide as a background, use the Background video option.
Vimeo url

The link to your Vimeo video.

Cover image

You can choose an image to cover your Vimeo video, and if you click on it, it will disappear, and the video will start to play.

Pause on scroll 3.3.4

You can set the video's behavior on scroll.

  • Never: The video will not be paused regardless of the slider's visibility
  • When partly visible: The video will be paused when at least 1px of it is not visible. Scrolling back to the video will continue the play.
  • When not visible? The video will be paused when none of it is visible. Scrolling back to the video will continue the play.

The main color of the displayed options, like the hover color of the play button, the color of the volume and HD buttons, etc.. (Only works with Pro Vimeo users' videos.)


If you don't want your video to be as loud as it is defaultly, change this value.


If this option is turned on, then your video will start automatically, when you switch to this slide, and it will stop, when you switch away.

Learn about browser's autoplaying limitations here.
Loop Expert

With this option you can make your video start over, when it's done.

Reset on blur Expert

If it's turned off, and you switch away from your video, it will only pause, but if you turn this on, it will reset the video to 0 sec.

Remove controls Expert

Remove the controls from the video, if the video's owner has Vimeo Pro or Vimeo Plus membership.


You can choose to show or hide your video's title.

User's byline

You can choose to show or hide your video's user's byline.


An option to switch to portrait view instead of the landscape.


Vimeo returns it's videos in a lower quality, so if you would use your Vimeo layer as a bigger layer, you could increase the video's quality.


The video will start from this second.

Play button Expert

If you turn this on, you will have a play button over your cover image.

Play button width, height Expert

You can add a size to your play button. The original image can only stay round, so the width will only increase if the height was increased too, and the height will only increase, if the width was increased too. But if you give a "Play button image", that can have any size.

Play button image Expert

If you turn on the "Play button", you can change it's image.

Private video Expert

If you are using a private video, in the admin area you will get a false error notification, that the video is not accessable. You can ignore that message, because the video will still work or just turn this option on and it will turn off the error notification. So this option doesn't really do anything to your video, it just turns off the error notification in the admin area.