What to check out and think about pre-purchase?

Here you can try the Pro version of Smart Slider 3. You can also download and install the free version to see if it's working on your website, as you would expect. After that check out the demos, where we used almost every option you can use with the Smart Slider.

You also have to decide which package to buy. What you should really consider before purchasing is that on how many sites would you like to use Smart Slider. Not because of the number of websites where you can install the slider, because that is unlimited, but because you can only request support, turn on the update feature, and turn on the demo slider downloading feature at as many websites as many licenses you have.

Also check out the other questions here.

Why is the license key important?

The license key limits the amount of Smart Slider 3 installations you can activate. The license key is required to access the following features:

Each license key can be activated on as many domains as the package allows. The license key usage is restricted on domains, so if you have three sites such as:

  • http://example.com/
  • http://dev.example.com//
  • http://example.com/blog/

One license key can be used on all there websites, because the domain is the example.com on all of them.

Localhost installations are not counted as domain usage, so if you have two sites such as:

  • http://example.com/
  • localhost/example

One license key can be used on both.