Meteorite theme

This documentation can help you replace the Meteorite theme homepage header image with our slider.

Step 1

Go to the FTP of your website and create a child folder:


Step 2

Create a style.css file in this folder:


and write this code in it:

Theme Name: Meteorite child theme
Template: Meteorite
@import url('../meteorite/style.css');

Step 3

Copy the header.php file from meteorite into your folder:

From: /wp-content/themes/meteorite/header.php

To: /wp-content/themes/meteorite-child-theme/header.php

Step 4

Modify the code in the child theme's header.php file. Search for this part:


Replace it with our slider's php shortcode:

echo do_shortcode('[smartslider3 slider=355]');

Step 5

Activate your child theme.