"Smart Slider with ID: X" on social sharing in the site's description (Elementor + Yoast SEO)


Sharing your website's url, where you have Smart Slider 3, you see "Smart Slider with ID:" and the slider's ID number within the description of the given page.


The problem is caused by Elementor and Yoast SEO, that Elementor stores our shortcodes within your page's/post's content as "Smart Slider with ID: X" and because of this our codes cannot run within Yoast SEO to try not show anything in place of the shortcode. Then by default Yoast SEO gets its meta descriptions from the page's/post's contents, so this Elementor stored content.


With Yoast SEO give meta description for your pages, posts. That way Yoast SEO won't try to automatically generate them from the content.