How can I make the slider zoom in and out when I'm zooming my website?

The default responsive behavior of the slider is, that it keeps its original ratio. For example your slider has 1000*500px size, then on a 2000px wide screen it will have 2000*1000px size and on a 500px wide screen it will have 500*250px size, so it keeps its original 2:1 size ratio. When you are zooming in or out on your website, you are basically changing the screen size, but our slider will keep its ratio, so you will see it as not being zoomed, even if actually it is.

A slider can only adjust itself to the website, so a slider is not an image and has a different behaviour from what you see if you are zooming on an image file. Zooming an image is not responsive, you are zooming outside the browser's width, but your website is responsive and our slider is responsive too, meaning the content is adjusted to the browser's width.

Slider size

If you want a visible result on the slider during zooming, you can change the responsive behaviour of your slider at the Responsive mode settings, like you could give a minimum and maximum height for the slider and then during zooming the website, your slider wouldn't turn for example into a 2000*1000px big slider if it has 500px maximum height, but it would become 2000*500px.

Text size

Use adaptive sizing if you want your text to be scalable. Adaptive sizing means, that your font's size won't change with the ratio of the slider, but it will stay the font size you specify.