Divi bug - slider doesn't show up in Safari

Divi uses a code, which has a bug in Safari:

	$(window).load(function() {
		var $body = $('body');
		// fix Safari letter-spacing bug when styles applied in `head`
		// Trigger styles redraw by changing body display property to differentvalue and reverting it back to original.
		if ($body.hasClass('safari')){
			var original_display_value = $body.css('display');
			var different_display_value = 'initial' === original_display_value ? 'block' : 'initial';

			$body.css({ 'display': different_display_value });

			setTimeout(function() {
				$body.css({ 'display': original_display_value });
			}, 0);

We have contacted them about it in April (2018), also Safari, but the error still doesn't seem to be resolved. This code causes an bug, which makes our slider not to show up, so you have to remove it from your website. We have seen it in multiple files, like this one: /wp-content/themes/Divi/js/custom.min.js
with similar codes:

but to be sure you are deleting the code from the proper file, use Chrome -> on your website, where the problem is happening press F12 -> click on search:

Try to find the error causing code:

Click on the code to see it in the developer tool:

Click on this little icon if the code is minified, meaning it isn't readable:

and you can search here too, to find the given code:

If you got it, you can open the link up on a new tab or copy the link address to identify where the file comes from:

Make a backup of the file, then remove the wrong codepart.

If you have the latest Divi version, we also suggest contacting Divi, so you would be able to update your theme without having to modify this file over and over again.