Changelog (3.2.x)




WordPress FREE
  • Feature: Widget areas in WordPress
  • Feature: Slider alias
  • Feature: Twitter created_at variable
  • Feature: Enhanced Media Library compatibility WordPress
  • Feature: Arrow alt tags
  • Feature: User related advanced shortcode options
  • Feature: Control hover displaying improved
  • Feature: Background color can get dynamic slide variable
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator seller variables
  • Feature: PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Fix: ProPhoto theme compatibility
  • Fix: WooCommerce generator and ACF WordPress
  • Fix: PDF loading in Lightbox
  • Fix: Layer position when a chained layer was moved to Content mode
  • Fix: Vertical Text bar on mobile
  • Fix: Image from folder generator exif data management
  • Fix: Hidden video layers are not autoplaying anymore on iPhone
  • Fix: Elementor issue
  • Fix: Google font droid fix to Noto
  • Fix: CDNForJoomla fix
  • Fix: Chain to content element
  • Fix: Slide editor group handling
  • Fix: Scroll fix for mac
  • Fix: Shape Dividers to fix Firefox bug
  • Fix: Safari font smoothing
  • Fix: Compatibility fix for JCH Optimize
  • Fix: Publishing on WooCommerce product pages
  • Fix: VirtueMart generator url fix
  • Deprecated: Remove spaces from parents
  • Deprecated: Hide siblings


  • Fix: Thumbnail caption placement


  • Feature: Smart Slider 3 in-app rating. Every feedback helps us to measure how we are doing :)
  • Feature: Custom Smart Slider field for Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Feature: Option to disable Slider shortcode when YOAST SEO generates XML sitemap
  • Feature: Images from subfolders date ordering
  • Feature: Web-Dorado Photo Gallery variables for non-images
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator variables for Dynamic Featured Image plugin
  • Feature: WooCommerce timestamp changing
  • Feature: Generator variables for Content, Row and Column backgrounds and URLs.
  • Feature: Simple type main animation now use transform for the animation
  • Fix: Background video and YouTube autoplays for supported mobiles (playsinline and muted)
  • Fix: Image from folder generator's ordering by file name
  • Fix: Proper loading of slider when fade on load setting disabled
  • Fix: Server side mobile detect fix in rare cases
  • Fix: Lightbox arrows
  • Fix: WooCommerce meta variables
  • Fix: Thumbnail border fix
  • Fix: Above and below controls are visible in full page and in full screen mode
  • Fix: Disable WordPress emoji in page builders preview


  • Feature: License key giving option as a PHP constant
  • Feature: The Youtube, Vimeo and Video layers will stop if you scroll away from them and they will continue when you scroll back
  • Feature: The free version's Image layer will have width and height settings too
  • Feature: Perspective won't be used with 0px (to have the same animation effect, as it was in earlier versions)
  • Feature: Joomla article generator image variables
  • Feature: Base64 removed from async
  • Feature: Twitter generator image-related code updated
  • Feature: License code will still work when cacert.pem is set up incorrectly on the server
  • Feature: Elementor will auto open the slider selector
  • Feature: Beaver Builder 2.0 compatibility
  • Fix: Ken Burns "to top left" setting was missing and "to bottom right" was there twice
  • Fix: Youtube certain configuration settings weren't used
  • Fix: Slide's link wasn't clickable over the text bar
  • Fix: Search link
  • Fix: PHP7.2 deprecated create_function notice
  • Fix: Flickr code updated. You will need to request a new token!
  • Fix: Lightbox iPad PRO fix
  • Fix: CURL fix
  • Fix: Wordfence compatibility
  • Fix: Text bar click fix
  • Fix: Control visibility states


  • Feature: Drag and drop upload removes the image extension
  • Feature: Event Manager generator category and metadata variables
  • Feature: Play when visible is available in the free version
  • Feature: Server-side mobile detection
  • Feature: Single bullet will be hidden
  • Feature: Thumbnail updates on background change if the background image and thumbnail are the same
  • Feature: Lightbox improvements with new structure
  • Feature: Featured article ordering option for the Joomla article generator
  • Feature: Force full-width overflow hidden element setting
  • Feature: Control normal flow (below and above slider positions) improvements
  • Feature: Affiliate hoplink improvements
  • Feature: Updated Google Font family list
  • Feature: Frontend accessibility parameter. Accessibility: :HOVER styles apply to :FOCUS. Not: :FOCUS state looks like the normal state
  • Feature: WordPress Unyson framework improved implementation
  • Fix: Hoplink fix
  • Fix: Base64_decode fallback when it's disabled on the server
  • Fix: Fallback when mime_content_type is disabled on the server
  • Fix: Click on one slide where touch is enabled
  • Fix: Flickr generator configuration saving
  • Fix: Font and style hover/normal improvements while blank links are used
  • Fix: Layer item scroll fix for IOS
  • Fix: Image URL on new layer & slide when the Protocol Relative URL is used.
  • Fix: Layer Event fixes
  • Fix: Preserve 3D in Firefox
  • Fix: Rotate X layer animation in column bug
  • Fix: RTL behavior improvements
  • Fix: Send as file on Safari
  • Fix: Slider importing on certain servers
  • Fix: Thumbnail control arrows in Firefox
  • Fix: WooCommerce generator possible PHP notice
  • Fix: Links not working in certain cases
  • Fix: Down/right gradient orientation
  • Fix: Hidden col allowed to drop layers when dragging on canvas
  • Fix: Layer window auto positioning removed
  • Fix: Hidden slider control was clickable
  • Fix: Google Chrome input layer placeholder color fixed






Flickr generator had to be rewritten to use their new API. You will need to request a new token!
  • Feature: Link to columns
  • Feature: Fade in codes updated
  • Feature: Post generator post meta variables
  • Feature: WordPress text widget's shortcode will be replaced, even if your theme doesn't replace it
  • Feature: WordPress twenty-seventeen theme better compatibility on specific positions
  • Feature: AJAX can load the slider in most cases
  • Feature: Lots of optimization to make the editing smoother and the loading faster
  • Feature: EasySocial albums will include pages too
  • Feature: 500px new image variables
  • Feature: Elementor 1.6.x compatibility
  • Feature: Stability and speed improvements
  • Feature: Particle effect
  • Feature: Shape divider
  • Feature: Visual Composer Ultimate Layouts compatibility
  • Feature: Disable Font Awesome icons if you load your own library.
  • Feature: Layer parallax is now available for static slides too
  • Feature: MotoPressCE compatibility
  • Fix: Resize hidden layers when they are parents
  • Fix: Facebook configuration error on PHP5.3-
  • Fix: jQuery 3.x fixes
  • Fix: Dynamic slide Static save
  • Fix: RSEvents!Pro dates fix
  • Fix: Flickr generator had to be rewritten to use their new API. You will need to request a new token!
  • Fix: Delayed (for lightbox/tabs) compatibility fix with new tab plugins
  • Fix: Youtube generator's token refreshing. If you won't see your new videos appearing, request a new token!
  • Fix: Parallax and rotation layer animation


2017. 06. 28.
  • Feature: Column count is not limited anymore
  • Feature: MP4 video browser at the video layer and background video
  • Feature: MP4 videos can be exported and imported
  • Feature: MP4 video poster browser
  • Feature: Italian translation
  • Feature: Caption layer vertical align
  • Feature: New icon layer (the old one is in the legacy state. You can continue using the already created layers but the ones you create from now on are the new icon layer.)
  • Feature: Button layer with icons
  • Feature: New layers: Counter, Circle counter, Progress bar, Image box, Audio
  • Feature: Clear: both option before the slider
  • Feature: font-weight: 100 now selectable
  • Feature: Slide bulk select improved
  • Feature: Grab cursor will only appear if slide count is greater than 1
  • Fix: YouTube layer Play button
  • Fix: Content mode fixes in Internet Explorer
  • Fix: GSAP conflict prevented
  • Fix: Static slide and content mode
  • Fix: Group restore
  • Fix: Invalid item data fix
  • Fix: Showcase type fix for Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Ken Burns effect fixes
  • Fix: Preload slider id
  • Fix: IOS static slide fix
  • Fix: Carousel slider type with layer animations
  • Fix: List layer fonts
  • Fix: Tooltip
  • Fix: Column show/hide on different devices
  • Fix: Text layer
  • Fix: Parent picker/layer chain improvements
  • Fix: Forcing MotoPress Content Editor to save down our shortcode and not just the HTML code
  • Fix: layer animation when layer parallax and rotation is used
  • Deprecated: WebM and OGG support, MP4 is supported in every browser:
  • Deprecated: Weaker CSS selectors feature (not needed anymore)
  • Other minor CSS and speed improvements



  • Feature: Admin label for Smart Slider 3 Divi module
  • Feature: WordPress generator featured image alt tag
  • Feature: Divi/Extra Layout Injector compatibility
  • Feature: Beaver Builder 2.0 alpha patch compatibility
  • Feature: Visual composer backend fix
  • Fix: Elementor Pro template does not show sliders in certain settings
  • Fix: WooCommerce generator functions updated to WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Fix: The Events Calendar generator PHP notice fix
  • Fix: Show editor icon fix


  • Feature: Tailor Page Builder compatibility
  • Feature: Repeat self only option for loop layer animation
  • Feature: Joomla article generator variables for Helix3 framework
  • Feature: Control stack removed from Expert mode so now it's available in the free version as well
  • Feature: Parallax effect now animates when used on multiple slides in the same slider. (Read more on the reasons.)
  • Fix: Elementor PRO Compatibility
  • Fix: Weaker CSS selectors fix
  • Fix: Remove from slider group
  • Fix: Facebook generator settings
  • Fix: Cobalt generator


  • Fix: WooCommerce featured filter
  • Fix: Joomla dynamic slides
  • Fix: Grouped layers' z-index order
  • Fix: Joomla module layer
  • Fix: Ken Burns effect
  • Fix: Resize hidden layers when they are parents.
  • Fix: Static slide fix when content mode used on it.
  • Fix: Generator fixes
  • Fix: Magento shortcode

3.2.1 - Protostar - Pro only


Important for notice before you upgrade to Smart Slider 3.2.

Smart Slider 3.2 use the CSS technique called Flexbox. We tested it on every modern browser and there is no issue. But it might be not supported in very old browsers. If you need to support those old browsers, we suggest you stay on Smart Slider 3.1.

Before the update, we suggest you to do full backup of your site or just backup the MySQL tables of Smart Slider before the update as after you installed Smart Slider 3.2, you won't be able to downgrade to Smart Slider 3.1. Tables are: *_nextend2_image_storage, *_nextend2_section_storage, *_nextend2_smartslider3_generators, *_nextend2_smartslider3_sliders, *_nextend2_smartslider3_sliders_xref, *_nextend2_smartslider3_slides

  • Feature: Content builder mode in slide editor - Video: Slide Editing I. - Basics
  • Feature: Slide library with tons of new premade slides - Video: Slide library
  • Feature: Structure - build slides with rows and columns - Video: Slide Editing II. - Content Slide
  • Feature: Blur effect for slide backgrounds
  • Feature: Blur layer animation
  • Feature: Copy and paste slides
  • Feature: Move slide between sliders
  • Feature: Slider displays itself in the live editor of different page builders. (Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer)
  • Feature: Google font family list updated
  • Feature: Adjust slider width to parent selector option for the Fullwidth and Full page responsive mode
  • Feature: JoomShopping language choosing option and Joomla made URL variable
  • Several fixes and small improvements
  • Fix: HTML App update error
  • Removed: Layer rotation removed, use layer animation with special zero enabled
  • Removed: Slide layouts are not available, use copy slides between sliders.
  • Deprecated: Layer groups