Changelog (3.1.x)


  • Feature: Google font families updated
  • Fix: Sliders do not load in are cases
  • Fix: Transition layer when there is no second image selected
  • Fix: YouTube layer in Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Arrow size in Internet Explorer


  • Fix: Vimeo video start time
  • Fix: Background images when tile, center and parallax background fill mode is used



Important for Picasa generator users

Google deprecated Picasa and changed a lot of things. Because of this, we had to rewrite our Picasa/Google Photos generator, which will need you to create an API, so you will have to set up your generator again! Check out its documentation for the instructions.

Important for Facebook generator users

The API library we used for our Facebook generator had to be updated to their latest API, because Facebook stopped supporting the previous API. Because of that you will have to request a new token, as you see here!


Thumbnail changes: If you used the Center option at the Thumbnail's settings, you will have to pick it again that with the new Align thumbnails setting!
  • Language: Farsi language (85%) - Thanks, Abolfazl!
  • Language: French language (78%) - Thanks Bérangère Audebert!
  • Feature: Advanced shortcode options
  • Feature: Events manager multisite options to get events from all sites
  • Feature: Force English backend option
  • Feature: Images in folder and subfolders generator
  • Feature: Joomla login session renewal in every 5 minutes, so you wouldn't be logged out from your backend, if you edit your slide longer, than when your session ends
  • Feature: New variables for the WordPress post generator, if there is Divi page builder slider used in the post's description
  • Feature: Tags option at the Heading layer got into the free version too
  • Feature: The Events Calendar featured and hide from event listings filtering options
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator category variables
  • Feature: Zoom cursor on lightboxes (both layers and slide lightbox)
  • Fix: All-in-One Event Calendar possible PHP notice on high server error reporting
  • Fix: Carousel randomization
  • Fix: Carousel slider and slide size
  • Fix: Documentation beacon
  • Fix: EasySocial image links + album ordering
  • Fix: Dynamic slide compatibility with lower RSEvents!Pro versions
  • Fix: Events Manager multisite fix
  • Fix: Flickr generator possible PHP notices on high server error reporting
  • Fix: Generator fix
  • Fix: Grouped layer import-export
  • Fix: jCart/JooCart generator code updated to their new version's code
  • Fix: Layer animations
  • Fix: Layer groups + layer chaining fix
  • Fix: Lightbox on mobile and tablet
  • Fix: PHP 7 warnings (at 500px, twitter, and Flickr generator's API)
  • Fix: Showcase slider type's slide switching
  • Fix: Slide editor will show the layers correctly when the full page responsive mode is used with it's constrained slide ratio option turned on
  • Fix: Slider will load correctly into our lightbox
  • Fix: The Events Calendar notice fixes
  • Fix: Thumbnails
  • Fix: Virtuemart ordering
  • Fix: WordPress custom post generator possible notice fix
  • Fix: WordPress post generator: the excerpt variable was moved to the bottom of the variables to avoid plugin conflicts


This is the last Smart Slider 3 version, which supported IE10 and IE9. From the next versions, we will only support IE11 and higher IE versions.


  • Fix: Image from folder generator
  • Fix: Menu fix for Parallax One and Llorix One Lite theme
  • Fix: Bento theme problem fix - same class renamed
  • Fix: Slider duplication fix
  • Fix: Generator splitbywords fix


IMPORTANT FOR JOOMLA AND HTML APP USERS: Updating Smart Slider from 3.1.3- version using our update feature will cause a php error message (won't mess up anything in your live site, but the update won't work). To update to this version, use the manual updating, what you can see here for Joomla and here for the HTML App!
  • Feature: Text bar title on/off
  • Feature: Generator settings in more visible locations
  • Feature: Image layer reads alt tags from WordPress Media Library when a new image is selected
  • Feature: rel attribute on links
  • Feature: Slider groups
  • Feature: Remove controls from Vimeo videos (For Vimeo Pro and Plus members only!)
  • Feature: Joomla article generator date translation option
  • Feature: All-in-One Event Calendar generator recurring event handling options
  • Feature: Poster attribute for video layer
  • Feature: Vimeo layer quality parameter
  • Feature: New PHP function for developers to make importing easier
  • Feature: RSS feed content will be asked down too
  • Feature: RSS feed date translation option
  • Feature: K2 date and time variables
  • Feature: Different CSS file in calling options from the Nextend settings
  • Feature: Better error handling for different server caused issues
  • Feature: Dynamic slider height for Carousel sliders
  • Fix: Tidy settings removed (got deprecated)
  • Fix: Backend editor responsiveness fix in Chrome
  • Fix: Adobe Aviary API creation process instructions updated
  • Fix: Joomla frontend module editor opens the correct slider at the backend
  • Fix: WordPress post generator variable name bug
  • Fix: jReviews fix
  • Fix: jCart fix in case vQmod is used
  • Fix: RSEvents date translation code optimization
  • Fix: RSS generator warning from some feeds
  • Fix: Google font list updated
  • Fix: Various full page responsive mode related fixes
  • Fix: Showcase slider click fix, when the Rotate X or Rotate Y option is used. More info on their description.
  • Fix: SiteOrigin Widgets fix the post generators


  • Feature: Animations on the timeline can be moved together when multiple layers are selected.
  • Feature: Slider ID displayed at slider and slide settings
  • Feature: Slider settings will only appear when you have slides
  • Feature: Heading layer - div tag option
  • Feature: Backend slide list handling improvement
  • Feature: One more event option
  • Feature: Hotkey (A) to give auto height and width to the selected layer
  • Feature: Image layer, image area layer improved handling in generators
  • Feature: Simple slider type - reversed horizontal and vertical options for the main animation
  • Fix: Admin area autoload fixes for Nextend settings and Flickr settings
  • Fix: Youtube layer - centered option overflow fix
  • Fix: Internet Explorer fullscreen fix

3.1.1 - Supernova


Read our blog post about what changed in Smart Slider 3.1.

  • UI Revamp and Refresh: dashboard, slider and slide view
  • Completely new slide editor interface
  • New Slides view with bulk actions
  • New layer window
  • Feature: Design presets for layers
  • Layer Animation editor from the layer window
  • Feature: Multiple layer selection and groups
  • Feature: Layer rotation
  • Gradient background and overlay
  • Feature: Tooltip for parameters
  • Feature: Ruler and guides for the canvas
  • Improved: default and autocomplete values
  • Improved: Parent picker with wizard
  • Feature: Image area layer
  • Feature: jCart/JooCart generator
  • Feature: WordPress posts generator tag variables
  • Feature: New autoplay code for developer customization
  • Feature: Full page slider type won't recalculate it's height on phones, when the URL bar appears/disappears
  • Feature: Yoast SEO sitemap will include Smart Slider images
  • Feature: Vimeo API updated
  • Feature: RSEvents!Pro generator date and time translation option
  • Feature: Custom post type post meta filter
  • Fix: EasyBlog image URL fix
  • Fix: WordPress custom posts generator missing variables
  • Fix: Stronger letter spacing CSS code when split text animation is used
  • Fix: Passing PHP Compatibility Checker plugin's test
  • Fix: Ken burns animation manager at the slide when the fill mode is center
  • Fix: Fullscreen slider in Chrome
  • Fix: RSEvents!Pro all day event ending check fix
  • Fix: Export all sliders unzipping on MACs
  • Fix: Decimal point on some server configurations